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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Bangkok

Over the past decade, there has been a tremendous influx of specialty coffee shops in Bangkok. Many of these cafes have roots from other countries but they all have one common goal: to serve the best coffee in Bangkok.

These are the seven best cafes in Bangkok.

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1. Rocket Coffeebar

With four locations in Bangkok, Rocket Coffeebar is one of the city’s best coffee chains. From a simple cup of coffee to your favourite specialty coffees, they have it all and more here at Rocket Coffeebar.

Try their pourover coffees here as it is boldly delicious.

Rocket Coffeebar Bangkok

2. Kaizen Coffee

Kaizen Coffee is a cafe from Melbourne, Australia that was brought to Bangkok by three friends. In this minimalist shop, Kaizen attempts to bring the best of Melbourne coffee culture to Bangkok with their specialty for nitro-brew coffees and flat whites.

Since Kaizen serves up the best Nitro cold brew coffees in Bangkok, you definitely have to get that while you’re here!

Kaizen Coffee Bangkok

3. Old Town Cafe

Old Town Cafe is appropriately located in Bangkok’s old historical part of town. However, it is near many of the bigger attractions and makes for a great stop to start your day. They have a good variety of coffees and snacks as well as a calming vibe thanks to its vintage decor.

Beat the heat early and try their Iced Old Town Muddy beverage and pair it with one of their famous baguette’s. Perfect way to start your day.

Old Town Cafe Bangkok

4. Gallery Drip Coffee

Gallery Drip Coffee is an interesting cafe that is part art gallery and part coffee shop. The beans here at this shop are sourced from around the world and their house coffees are made from single-beans.

Try the house coffee that is made from Thai coffee beans.

5. Roots Coffee

One of the more hip and trendy coffee shops in Bangkok is Roots Coffee. With large windows, that allow for plenty of natural light, concrete floors, and funky local art on its walls, Roots has an inviting and welcoming feel to go along with its terrific specialty coffees.

If you’re feeling adventurous here, try their Peanut Butter Coffee Float!

6. Hands and Heart

Hands and Heart is a relaxing and chill coffee shop that offers a great selection of coffees and snacks. This shop has a very minimalist interior and focus on the black and white colour scheme (even with their coffees).

Try one of their famous single-bean house blend coffees here at Hands and Heart.

7. Ceresia Coffee Roasters

Ceresia Coffee Roasters is one of the best coffee shops to come to for catching up with friends over a hot cup of coffee. Their shop is bright and airy and they make some of the best pourovers in Bangkok.

They don’t have wifi here so order a pourover and have a lovely chat with a friend here at Ceresia.

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