Best coffee shops in Bari, Italy

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Bari

Whether you need a morning jolt or an afternoon lift before catching a ferry, Italian coffee doesn’t disappoint. Here are the seven best coffee shops in Bari.

You’ll find a delightful cup of espresso and crisp biscotti too.

Best coffee shops in Bari, ItalyHow do these rankings work?

1. Pasticceria Rex

This pastry shop has been around since 1960 and the quality and variety of pastries the shop makes proves it. The cases are filled with beautiful sweet treats and the espresso is naturally delicious. It’s the perfect pair for a light breakfast or afternoon sweet treat.

Best coffee shops in Bari, Italy

2. Saicaf

One of the oldest cafés in town, they devote themselves to the idea of offering their guests the best experience when it comes to coffee. They are also known for having the best croissants in Bari!


3. Urban

This sleek and modern restaurant is pay by weight, so it’s a good option for breakfast or lunch. The espresso bar is fast and the staff pulls incredibly smooth espresso. Order a double and pick up something to take away too if traveling by ferry.

Best Bari coffee in Italy

4. Caffetteria Dipierro

If you want a refreshing drink in addition to your caffeine jolt, try this coffee shop. Of course they have wonderful coffee, but the menu also includes fruit-infused smoothies which are great on hot days. Order your usual espresso drink with a smoothie to cool off too.

5. Santa Fè Boccia

This elegant old coffee house is a beautiful place to sit and sip. Their coffee is balanced and strong. The walls are lined with coffee beans and the quality of their coffee is incredibly important to the staff, who are also friendly and helpful. It’s certainly a spot for coffee die-hards.

6. Antico Caffè del Carmine

This cafe is very close to the ferry dock and makes for an easy stop before boarding. The staff is helpful and kind, and the drinks are strong. Order a macchiato and enjoy the bustling surroundings.

7. Salvatore Petriella

This bakery is perfect for people watching while sipping a single espresso. The pastry chef creates stunning desserts that are decadent and indulgent. Take a seat and watch the world go by for a while with top-notch sweets at your finger tips and a smooth espresso to wash them down.

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