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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Beijing

While China on the whole may be more of a tea-drinking country, Beijing has seen a rapid increase in coffee shops over the years. From simple cups of coffee to specialty coffees, there are more shops now that can make a great cup of coffee in Beijing.

These are the seven best places to get your favourite java brew in Beijing.

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1. Bracket Coffee

Bracket Coffee has quickly risen through the ranks and become one of Beijing’s hottest coffee spots. With a chic interior and a cosy rooftop patio that is great during summer months, this shop also makes some of the best coffees in town, thanks to beans from as far away as South America.

They are more known for their specialty coffees so give a latte a try here.

Bracket Coffee Beijing

2. Barista Coffee Roasters

Barista Coffee Roasters is a stylish and trendy spot for great coffees and vibes. The baristas here are friendly, knowledgeable, and very attentive when it comes to preparing your coffee.

For something completely different, give their Soda Ice Americano a shot.

Barista Coffee Roasters Beijing

3. Voyage Coffee

Voyage Coffee is neatly located in Beijing’s popular 798 Art District, and with this coffee shop blends right in with their beautiful wall-art. Their coffees are also amazing as well and they provide a good selection of espressos and coffees.

Since most of their coffees are rotated by season, order whatever coffee is in season at the moment.

Voyage Coffee Beijing

4. Maan Cafe

Maan Cafe is a great place to go to if you have a sweet tooth and want some tasty desserts with your coffee. This Korean-inspired coffee shop is big and spacious, has great decor (chandeliers!), and just might be the best spot to enjoy a coffee while catching up with friends.

A popular food and drink order here is their coffee with a waffle.

Maan Cafe Coffee Beijing

5. Basic Coffee

Don’t let the name of this place fool you. There is nothing basic about the coffees here at Basic Coffee. They boast some of the best brews in Beijing and they even have over 100 different kinds of coffee beans ready to be roasted at a moments notice here.

For cold-caffeine fans, try their hipster and innovative Cold Coffee that is blasted with nitrogen. Nothing basic about that!

6. Cafe Zarah

Cafe Zarah is one of the more original coffee shops to get popular in Beijing. They still maintain their reputation as a go-to spot because of their consistency in brewing specialty coffee options: espressos, cappuccinos, and flat whites.

Try an espresso for a strong and perfect way to start your day in Beijing.

7. Cafe Flatwhite

Cafe Flatwhite is known for exactly just that: their flat whites. This coffee shop borrows its influence from New Zealand and due to their immense popularity for their perfection of flat whites, now have 10 locations in Beijing.

While we could recommend you the obvious Flat White here, try their Kiwi Coffee Brew here for a good alternative.

Cafe Flatwhite

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