The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Belgrade

Coffee culture is strong in the Balkans, and the number of best coffee shops in Belgrade prove it true. While the Serbian capital offers tons of choices for cafés serving espresso drinks, there are also traditional options to visit for authentic Turkish coffee. No matter your preferred order, Belgrade’s café scene is sure to please any coffee enthusiast. 

Best coffee shops in BelgradeHow do these rankings work?

1. Uzitak Coffee Selection&Delights

If you can find a table among the regulars at this coffee shop, then expect a smooth and expertly-made cup of coffee. Order fresh pastries with a selection of preserves for a sweet finish to an espresso. 

2. Caffe Balkanski Spijun

Caffe Balkanski Spijun is set in a two-story, eclectic shop in the city centre. For an economically-priced cup of coffee that doesn’t give up on quality, this is the shop to while away a few hours. 

3. Koffein

Koffein’s industrial-chic setting and design-forward interior set this bakery and coffee shop above others. Baristas pull smooth espresso drinks and offer a range of freshly baked pastries, cakes and other sweet treats.

4. Przionica D59B

This effortlessly cool hole in the wall takes quality seriously.  A perfect cup of coffee is the first priority at D59B followed by choosing the best record to spin on the turntable. 

5. Aviator Coffee Explorer

A minimalist, chic and sleek coffee shop, Aviator Coffee Explorer offers more than well-brewed coffee. The shop also sells top-shelf coffee brewing apparatuses and other accessories. Though the coffee is priced slightly higher here, there is a wider range of globally-sourced beans to choose from.

6. Coffee Room Palace

Coffee Room Palace is elegantly decorated and positioned just across the street from a park. There’s no doubt that taking coffee here feels like settling into a cozy living room with a fresh cup of coffee and homemade dessert. The welcoming environment can fill up quickly, but don’t forget to check the second floor for a table.

7. Kandahar Caffe Bar

For authentic Turkish coffee and a warm interior, visit Kandahar Caffe Bar. The shop is also a hookah bar with a huge selection to choose from. So, plan your visit with the intention of staying a while. 

Molly Harris

Molly Harris is a freelance travel journalist dividing her time between the United States and the Western Balkans.

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