The 7 Best Coffee In Bogotá

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Bogotá

Ah, Colombia – the epicentre of world-famous coffee that’s shipped all over the world for coffee lovers to enjoy.  However, in a country that’s filled with high-quality coffee, how do you know where to go to get the best coffee in Bogotá?

There’s more to Colombia than Juan Valdez, and if you’re visiting Bogotá, then you’re definitely going to want to branch out a bit and explore real Colombian coffee culture.

Get ready to tingle your taste buds. Here are the seven best coffee shops in Bogotá.

The best coffee shops in BogotáHow do these rankings work?

1. La Varietale

If you’re travelling to Bogotá then you’re definitely going to want to visit the famous Cerro de Monserrate. 

While you’re up there enjoying the panoramic views of the city, pay a visit to La Varietale, one of the most colourful cafes in all of Colombia.

Along with being extremely warm and inviting, the coffee shop boasts the most extensive range of brewing methods that we’ve found in Bogotá.

Immerse yourself in coffee culture and ask them to brew your coffee with an Aeropress, Chemex, V60, Syphon, or a variety of other methods.

2. Contraste

One of the baristas here was a finalist in one of Colombia’s national barista championships, so you know you can get good coffee at Contraste.

You can find this coffee shop in the La Candelaria district, which is also where you’ll find most of the city’s main tourist attractions.

Head out for the city’s spectacular graffiti walking tour and stop at Contraste for world-class coffee afterwards.

Contraste Coffee Shop in Bogotá

3. Azahar Cafe

Modern and unique, Azahar Cafe is situated right in the middle of the Bogotá’s upscale Parque 93 neighbourhood.

While the coffee here is out of this world, what’s even more special is the fact that they serve breakfast all day. 

Head over to Azahar if you’re looking for a great Instagram photo. The locale is a repurposed shipping container with spacious windows that let ample light in.

Azahar Cafe In Bogotá

4. Bourbon Coffee Roasters

You can’t visit Bogotá without visiting the charming Quinto Camacho neighbourhood, and while you’re there you have to try the coffee from Bourbon Coffee Roasters.

The sleek wooden design of the cafe itself is worthy of a photo, and their outdoor garden patio is the perfect place to try a cold brew on a hot summer day.

Order a regular coffee first, and then try one of the delicious coffee cocktails that they offer.  They roast their own coffee on-site, which means all of their drinks are extremely fresh.

Bourbon Coffee Roasters Cafe

5. Catación Pública

Interested in receiving coffee laboratory training while visiting Bogotá? At Catación Pública you can participate in a course that will help you pass the Coffee Quality Institute Quality Grader exam.

This means that the baristas on-site are incredibly knowledgeable and know how to prepare a great cup of coffee.

On top of that, the coffee shop itself is in the trendy, historic neighbourhood of Usaquén, which makes it the perfect pit stop for weary travellers who need a break from sightseeing.

Catación Pública Coffee Shop

6. Amor Perfecto

From the floor-to-ceiling glass windows to the uniquely-styled bar, there’s little to be desired at Amor Perfecto (and that’s without even mentioning their world-class coffee).

On the menu? Some of the highest-ranked coffee brands in the world. One of their coffees even earned the prize for the “best coffee to use for espresso” in the world.

Spending an afternoon sipping coffee here feels like you’re cosying up on a couch in a London garden home.  So, order a cappuccino (recommended by travellers) and bring a good book for a rainy day in Bogotá.

Amor Perfecto

7. El Altillo

After a visit to this garden cafe in the historic neighbourhood of Usaquén, you’ll never want to leave Bogotá.

El Altillo has everything you need, from snacks and succulents to bean bag seating.

Choose a seat and order their world-famous cappuccino. Pair it with their freshly baked coffee cake and enjoy snapping photos of the unique decorations.

El Altillo

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