Coffee in Da Lat

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Da Lat

As the main coffee growing region of Vietnam, the coffee in Da Lat – and its cafes – are some of the best in the country.  You’ll now find some of the world’s best coffee in Asia, hands down.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. If you’ve got a craving for caffeine, this is the place to be.

Best Coffee in Da Lat

1. La Viet

La Viet is right in the heart of the coffee growing region of Da Lat, in Central Vietnam, so the beans here are fresh as can be. It’s a slick warehouse-style space whose whole bean coffee is made from hand-picked, carefully sorted and processed Arabica beans and comes in three roasting levels.

You can enjoy pourovers, slow drips and creamy lattes – it’s some of the best coffee in Da Lat.

2. An Cafe

An Cafe oozes good vibes only: the interior and exterior are created with only eco-friendly materials and they serve up delicious local coffee and food. Naturally, they use beans from local coffee farmers and the end is result is superb. You can choose from traditional Vietnamese-style coffee or Italian espresso brews.

3. Maybe Blue Coffee

Maybe Blue Coffee in Da Lat is the perfect mix of specialty coffee with a cosy and welcoming atmosphere. You could easily curl up here for an entire afternoon with a book and a hot Arabica brew. There’s various beans and flavour profiles to choose from, and staff will happily talk you through them all.

4. BicycleUp

This unique, slightly-hard-to-find cafe is a must-visit in Da Lat. Make your way to 82 Truong Cong Dinh, pay close attention and you will see a bicycle hanging under a wooden board. It’s here that you’ll discover a retro theme with vintage furniture and incredible coffee. It’s one of the most unusual cafes you’ll see on your travels.

5. Co Bong

This super funky cafe will take you back to your childhood, with colourful snacks, drinks and retro game consoles. Not only is it a super Instagrammable place with plenty of cute photo-ops, the coffee is divine. Go for a classic slow-drip Vietnamese coffee or a creamy iced coffee.

Coffee in Da Lat

6. The Married Beans

This place really takes pride in what they do, linking directly with coffee farmers in Da Lat, Cau Dat, Lac Duong and Ethnic Minority Communities (K’Ho – Lam Dong) to source only the best and ethically produced beans. They work hard to help with the sustainable coffee movement in the country, and you can taste the quality in every cup.

Coffee in Da Lat

7. Innokafe

Innokafe train and provide coffee machines for cafes all across the region, so you can be sure that they’re true pros when it comes to all things coffee. Staff are keen to share their love of all things coffee with customers, so you’ll often happen upon a cupping or tasting session in progress. Stop be here for a great coffee.

Coffee in Da Lat

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