The 7 Best Coffee In Dubrovnik

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Dubrovnik

With so much to do and so much to see in this paradise city, the perfect way to start your day of sightseeing is with a cup of coffee in Dubrovnik. Whether it’s a simple espresso or a specialty coffee you’re craving, you’ll find them in Dubrovnik.

Caffeine fans will be well looked after here…

There are so many little coffee shops in Dubrovnik and here’s seven of the very best spots to try.

Best Places for Coffee in DubrovnikHow do these rankings work?

1. Cogita Coffee

Arguably Dubrovnik’s most well-known coffee shop, Cogita Coffee is where all java lovers need to go to. Their beans are imported from Crotian capital, Zagreb, and they are some strong beans!

Get a coffee here for the perfect wake-up call and sit on one of the few tables outside.

Cogita Coffee in Dubrovnik

2. Glam Cafe

Glam Cafe is the most popular place for any sort of beverage you’re looking for in Dubrovnik. No matter what you’re thirsty for, they do all of their beverages exceptionally well here, including their coffees.

Swing by this charming cafe for a morning coffee to start your day and head here for a nightcap on your way back to the hotel.

Glam Cafe

3. Dubravka 1836 Restaurant & Cafe

Dubravka is located close to the Pile gate leading into the main entrance of Old Town Dubrovnik. This makes it the perfect location to stop by to begin your day of sightseeing in Old Town.

Fuel up with one of their rich and aromatic espressos.

Restaurant & Cafe in Dubravka

4. Café Festival

Café Festival has the best spot in Old Town Dubrovnik as it is right in the middle of all the tourist action. You should expect to see a line of people waiting for their coffee here due to its prime location.

Come here for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up and sip on a cup of espresso as you people-watch.

coffee in dubrovnik

5. Soul Caffe & Rakhija Bar

Soul Caffe is also located in Old Town Dubrovnik but is just slightly tucked away in a side street and away from all the crowds. This cafe is also a popular bar and serves up some great cocktails in the evening.

Sit on their outdoor terrace and enjoy a cup of their cappuccino or espresso. Bliss.

Soul Caffe & Rakhija Bar

6. Time Out Caffe

Take a time out from your sightseeing day at Time Out Caffe at this multi-purpose establishment. They serve up excellent specialty coffee drinks in the morning and afternoon and locals come here during the evening where they can watch the big football match.

Their terrace is where it’s at – the best spot to enjoy a cup of coffee from this friendly neighbourhood shop.

Time Out Caffe

7. Coffee Break

For the best espresso in Dubrovnik, come to Coffee Break for just that. With excellent, attentive service that is quick, the experience here is perfect.

Swing by Coffee Break for a delicious espresso and stay for the lovely atmosphere.

Coffee Break in dubrovnik

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