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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Dusseldorf

When it comes to coffee in Dusseldorf, you’re going to find some fantastic cafes that serve some excellent java drinks. Many of these cafes have their own take on Dusseldorf personality and charm and more shops are appearing constantly.

These are the seven best coffee shops in Dusseldorf.

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1. Birdie & Co.

Tucked away in a small business area in Dusseldorf is Birdie & Co. This cafe has amazing charm the second you step inside with their friendly and knowledgeable baristas and quaint ambiance.

Birdie & Co. is great to come to for a morning coffee and snack to start your day.

Birdie & Co.

2. Woyton

Woyton is a specialty cafe and is one of the locals favourite coffee chains (beating out Starbucks). With coffee that is rich in boldness and flavour to their fantastic flat whites, and their creamy cappuccinos, you’ll definitely find a hot cup of java here at Woyton.

Their flat whites and cappuccinos are their most popular specialty coffees so grab those here!

Woyton Dusseldorf

3. Cøffe

Cøffe is an interesting coffee shop in Dusseldorf that encourages their customers to drink their coffee without any milk or sugar. Depending on how you feel about straight up black coffee, once you taste their brew, you’ll love their smooth and lightly sweet flavour.

If you love your coffee black, then you’ll love it at Cøffe!

Coffe Dusseldorf

4. Rösterei VIER

The award for best ambiance for a coffee shop goes to Rösterei VIER. Despite the limited amount of seats here, it almost feels like you’re having a coffee in someone’s living room here. Take in the amazing view of Old Town Hall right outside the window as well.

If you’re looking for a cafe with that homey feeling, Rösterei VIER is just the place for you.

Rosterei VIER Coffee

5. Covent Garden

A British-inspired cafe, Covent Garden offers fantastic coffees in a London-type of cafe. Covent Garden has a very relaxing vibe to enjoy your coffee that gently plays some classic British music.

Get a taste of coffee and the UK here at Covent Garden.

Covent Garden Coffee

6. Tenten Coffee

With a large Japanese population in Dusseldorf, Tenten Coffee shop is located in the Japanese area. With a solid selection of coffee and teas, Tenten is a great cafe for locals to come to for a cup of coffee and to read a book.

Since it’s open late every day, it’s common to find locals here drinking a coffee and cozying up with a book at Tenten.

Tenten Coffee

7. Kaffeehandwerk

For some of the best espressos in Dusseldorf, come to Kaffeehandwerk. At this hip and modern cafe, you can have your choice of different filter coffees or level up for something stronger and get an espresso.

For that big morning kick, try some of their espresso and admire the local art on this cafe’s walls.


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