The 7 Best Coffee In El Paso

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In El Paso

Not exactly known for having a booming coffee culture, you’ll still be able to find some great, local shops for coffee in El Paso. The notable shops here tend to be small, hole-in-the-wall types that promote a strong community vibe.

Check the seven best coffee shops in El Paso.

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1. Global Coffee

Global Coffee seeks to serve the best cup of coffee using only local ingredients. The locally roasted coffee beans are a welcome point for locals as they keep coming back in droves for their delicious cup of local joe.

Their pourovers here are fantastic as well as their Mazapan Lattes!

Global Coffee in El Paso

2. Coffee Box

Coffee Box is a small but friendly and truly unique shop in downtown El Paso that makes a strong cup of coffee. This shop is unique because it is located in an old shipping container.

Enjoy your coffee in this box of a coffee shop and then head on outside to the back and snap a picture with the I Love You Too sign.

Coffee Box in El Paso

3. Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Café

Joe Vinny & Bronsons Bohemian Cafe is a quaint and relaxing neighbourhood cafe that brings about all kinds of locals here. They all come here for the excellent coffees that are locally-roasted and brewed fresh.

Try a cup of their French-press Americano and enjoy the vibes of this neighbourhood cafe.

coffee in el paso

4. District Coffee

If you’re in the downtown area, District Coffee is where you want to go for a fresh cup of coffee. District Coffee has a funky vibe to it as their industrial-style and looking shop makes it a cool setting to sit down to enjoy your cup of joe.

Grab one of their fresh brewed coffees here and enjoy it in this unique cafe atmosphere.

District Coffee in El Paso

5. 2Ten Coffee Roasters

2Ten Coffee Roasters has a few locations in El Paso but they all are committed to serving fresh, carefully-made coffees. The beans used in their drinks are a bit in El Paso and you can buy some of their beans to take with you to make at home.

Can’t go wrong with a freshly brewed cup of house coffee at 2Ten.

2Ten Coffee Roasters

6. Savage Goods

Savage Goods serves up some savage coffees here that are full of flavour and perfect to have on any day. We say any day because their hot and ice coffees are both amazing and strong.

Get a break from that Texas heat and have an ice coffee here and pair it with a slice of their yummy coffee cake.

Savage Goods Cafe in El Paso

7. Bldg6 Coffee Roasters

Bldg 6 Coffee Roasters carefully handcrafts their coffees to bring you some of the best specialty coffee beverages in El Paso. While there isn’t many seats in this shop, you can definitely take it with you on the go.

They make some bomb lattes here so give that a shot while you’re here.

Bldg6 Coffee Roasters

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