The 7 Best Coffee In Hamburg

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hamburg

Did you know that the port of Hamburg is Europe’s number one destination for coffee shipments from all over the world? It makes sense then, that this quietly buzzing city has its fair share of amazing coffee shops.

The third-wave coffee movement has really spread in Hamburg in recent years, with stylish espresso bars and independent roasters all over the city. If you’re looking for a foolproof Hamburg coffee, these are the best of the best.

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1. Stockholm Espresso Club

Located in the beautiful Winterhude area, Stockholm Espresso Club specialises in coffees from Koppi Roasters from Sweden. Their small kitchen cooks up some delicious breakfasts and cakes, so make sure to get your hands on them alongside a cup of coffee!


2. Elbgold Coffee Lab

The elbgold branch in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel is home to their largest café (with a large outdoor terrace) and the roasting house.

As well as classic coffee specialties, they also offer siphon, cold drip and nitro coffee. And of course, you can also buy their freshly roasted beans.

Elbgold Coffee Lab

3. Playground Coffee

This popular coffee place at Grindel becomes a playground for creative ideas – either through the coffee roaster, behind the espresso maker or with a manual filter. They only use high quality coffee and roast locally in Hamburg.

Playground Coffee in Hamburg


CODOS has five, chocolatey, own roasts (four filter, one espresso), and two fruity guest roasts, one filter, one espresso. There’s two locations in the city, so you won’t be far from your fix.


5. Balz und Balz

Owned by two siblings, the brother and sister team here are totally obsessed with top-class coffee. You’ll feel right at home in the bright and airy coffee shop, which also does delicious cakes and sandwiches.

Balz und Balz Cafe in Hamburg

6. Public Coffee Roasters

Public now has several cafés in the city, which is great news for quality coffee fans. They’re always on the look out for special coffees with a strong flavour profile and they source their beans from various small importers.

Public Coffee Roasters

7. Black Delight

This cosy neighbourhood coffee bar is like being in your friend’s house – except that friend is an expert barista. Coffees are sourced directly from Fair Trade producers, and Black Delight develops their own espresso roast profiles.

Black Delight Cafe

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