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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hanoi

Vietnam might be best known for its classic Vietnamese coffee, but a Third Wave of coffee has been sweeping over Hanoi of late, with great coffee fast becoming the norm. Here’s where you’ll find some of the best coffee in Hanoi.

A whole range of passionate coffee enthusiasts have been redefining our expectations, educating both the consumers and other people entering the coffee industry. Those are the coffee shops we wanted to celebrate today. Some are big, some are small, but they are all equally passionate about their product.

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1. KafeVille

KafeVille are pioneers for the coffee scene in Hanoi. They serve specialty coffee in espresso and and slow drip brews, as well as boozy coffee cocktails. And yes, they do also also serve cà phê Phin (traditional, strong Vietnamese coffee) at Kafeville, but using the best beans from Da Lat for a smooth taste.

2. Blackbird Cafe

Blackbird Cafe make fantastic coffees with some of the friendliest baristas in Hanoi. Choose from hand brew methods such as French press, pourover or a Vietnamese filter, as well as espresso-based coffees. It’s also ideal for co-working, so remote workers listen up!

3. The Caffinet

The Caffinet is the ultimate coffee spot for people who are obsessed with specialty coffee. They brew up all the coffee drinks you could ever wish for with their own roasts of specialty coffee blends (which you can also buy in bags to takeaway!)

They offer up all sorts of world-class cuppas: from espresso to Chemex drip or V60.

4. Cafe Giang

This legendary cafe apparently invented Hanoi’s famous egg coffee, and it’s a must-try.

We know, we know, it sounds a little weird. But egg coffee is a unique coffee treat from Hanoi that’s sweet and super delicious.  “Cà phê trúng” is a rich Vietnamese coffee base with frothy egg yolk and condensed milk on top. There’s plenty of places in Hanoi to try it, but the most famous is the original Cafe Giang.

5. Muoi Tieu 

If you’ve been craving Australian-style food and drinks in Hanoi then this place is your dream come true. Owned by a husband-and-wife team, the menu is inspired by Australian brunch culture from a chef who lived in Sydney for over 10 years. The result? The perfect avocado on toast and a coffee that will transport you to Oz with one sip.

best coffee hanoi

6. Cong Caphe

Cong Caphe is a popular Hanoi coffee chain that has a rustic-chic Military/Socialist vibe and excellent coffee. The name “Cộng” is simply taken from the first word of Vietnam’s official name: CỘNG HOÀ XÃ HỘI CHỦ NGHĨA VIỆT NAM (The Socialist Republic of Vietnam).

You’ll find several cafes around the city, all serving their famous coconut coffee.

best coffee hanoi

7. Hanoi Social Club

The Hanoi Social Club is a dreamy cafe with a great range of sweet and savoury dishes and some of the best coffee in Hanoi. They use their own Colombian and Guatemalan blend for Italian coffees and also do traditional Vietnamese brews.

Plus, they hire their chefs and staff by working with an NGO dedicated to providing vocational skills in hospitality to disadvantaged youth. It’s a win-win.

best coffee hanoi

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