The Best Coffee Shops in Havana

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Havana

The best coffee shops in Havana all come with their own unique, Cuban vibes and some even with stunning views of the city’s architectural delights.

Even though Cuba hasn’t imported coffee for ages, the local coffee culture is starting to boom, which is great for locals and tourists alike.

If you’re planning a trip to Cuba’s capital, then make sure you plan to check out these seven best coffee shops in Havana.

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1. Cafe Arcangel

Cafe Arcangel is known amongst travellers as being one of the best coffee shops in Havana. Why? They serve huge, delicious breakfasts while offering contemporary vibes and a cosy atmosphere in which guests love.

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2. Cafe El Escorial

Not only is Cafe El Escorial one of the best coffee shops in Havana, but it’s also the cafe with the best views. It’s right in the middle of Plaza Vieja, which means you can order great coffee and sip it as you people-watch in one of Havana’s most visited plazas.

Best Coffee Shops in Havana with Great Views

3. Belview Arts Cafe

Head to Vedado, one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Havana, and stop at Belview for great coffee and a super artistic setting. They serve great Cuban coffee and delicious crepes but specialise in latte art as well.

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4. El Cafe

This cafe is so confident in their coffee and reputation that they’re okay with calling their establishment literally just “the cafe.” They’re known throughout the city for serving great brunch, so you can stop here to fill up before a day out sightseeing.

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5. Cafe Gallery Mamaine

Cuba is a country filled with unique art culture. And, it sure shows in the coffee shops you visit in Havana.

Cafe Gallery Mamaine is a gallery and a cafe, which makes it a great spot to settle in for an afternoon of reading or writing.

6. El Dandy

The old rustic style of El Dandy mixes perfectly with the lively atmosphere. The result? One of the more unique cafe experiences in Havana. 

Perfectly situated on the corner of Plaza del Cristo, El Dandy is a great place to stop for coffee or a drink before heading out to one of the area’s top restaurants. 

The Best Coffee Shops in Havana

7. Madrigal Bar Cafe

Madrigal Bar Cafe is one of the best bars in Havana. But, during the day it’s also one of the best coffee shops in Havana.

Once you walk in the door you’re greeted with hip vibes and a cosy artistic setting. If you go there on the right day you might even be able to enjoy some live music.

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