The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

Java-nuts need not worry: coffee shops in Hong Kong serve up some of the best brews in Asia. Whether you’re into filter coffee or rich espressos, you’ll find it here.

Hong Kong’s coffee scene takes influence from some of the best coffee cultures in world, from Italy to Australia. With sleek design that the city is known for and skilled baristas, this is a city that’s fuelled by great caffeine.

Here’s our pick of the best places for a pick-me-up.

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1. NOC Roastery

Some of the purest and best made coffee you will ever taste. The put huge emphasis on sourcing the beans, roasting them carefully and even finding the purest water.

Walking into their store is like walking into an Apple or high end design shop. Everything is done to absolute perfection.

best coffee shops in hong kong

2. 18 Grams

You can’t have a list about coffee in Hong Kong and not include 18 Grams. This beloved cafe started as a small premium espresso bar in the corner of Cannon Street Causeway Bay. Now, there’s eight locations in HK.

They roast their own signature blend and serve it a number of ways: French press, Chemex or cold brew?

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

3. Knockbox Coffee Company

This is a great place to be when it comes to specialty coffee among local and international coffee lovers. They do espresso making, hand drip, siphon – whatever you like.

Be sure to come on Friday nights for their amazing coffee community evening: unlimited specialty coffee – all night, from 6-10pm.

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

4. Winstons Coffee

Winstons is an independent coffee shop founded by three British men when they couldn’t find a store in Hong Kong that ticked all the boxes. So, they created their own. With a La Marzocco coffee machine in pride of place and friendly staff, it has everything you need.

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Hong Kong

5. Accro Coffee

With a champion barista and siphonist at the helm, Accro Coffee is a speciality brew haven. Highlights include single origin beans and blends from Indonesia, Bolivia, Ethiopia, and Guatemala.

Plus, you can try your hand at different coffee classes, from Italian-style to hand drip.

6. The Usual Place (TUP)

Head to Kennedy Town for a cuppa at TUP Espresso, also known as The Usual Place. It’s set inside an Italian motorcycle shop, has great views of the park and is dog friendly.

Oh, and naturally, they do amazing coffee. Think strong espresso and silky iced lattes.

7. Interval Coffee Bar

Interval Coffee Bar is a Nordic-inspired cafe and wine bar – the best of both worlds, right? It’s an artisanal coffee shop by day and a boozy hangout by night.

There’s everything from simple filters to fancy flat whites. All delicious, of course.

best coffee in hong kong

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