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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Istanbul

Many different cultures have had a direct influence on life in Istanbul and one of those areas is in the coffee. While you could easily find a cup of delicious Turkish coffee, there are also many places you can find specialty coffee in Istanbul.

Here are seven of the best places java lovers can go to for coffee in Istanbul.

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1. Petra Roasting Co.

Petra Roasting Co. is centrally located in Istanbul and is a hip and trendy coffee shop. The coffees here are made with love by the baristas as the beans themselves are hand-roasted.

Come to this lively coffee shop for a morning latte and if you’re hungry, give one of their Turkish treats a try too.

Petra Roasting Co

2. Coffeetopia Eminönü

Coffeetopia has quickly gained a superb reputation in Istanbul as a coffee shop that takes pride in their coffees. Their menu features a coffee excellence rating denoted by a colour-coded bean.

The excellent location in the heart of the historical tourist sites, makes this shop a worthwhile stop in Istanbul.

Coffeetopia Istanbul

3. Geyik Coffee Roastery & Cocktail Bar

Geyik is one of the newer coffee shops in Istanbul and also doubles as a fantastic cocktail bar. This shop employs some of the best baristas who are friendly and are glad to make a drink recommendation.

To double your pleasure, have a Turkish coffee here (but don’t drink the coffee grinds at the bottom of your cup!) and follow that up with a cocktail at Geyik.

Geyik Coffee Istanbul

4. Coffee Department

Coffee Department is another shop that has recently put roots down in Istanbul. Their mission is to serve great coffees and introduce and educate the locals about coffee with frequent workshops.

They make the best Flat Whites in Istanbul so give that a try while you’re here.

Coffee Department

5. Norm Coffee

Norm Coffee is a small boutique shop located in a small village. This homey little shop produces some amazing locally-roasted coffees. Locals often come to this shop for their espressos and filtered coffee, so you know it’s good.

Swing by tiny Norm Coffee for a strong cup of espresso in this unpretentious and small part of town.

Norm Coffee

6. Mandabatmaz

Arguably the best cup of coffee you might have in Istanbul is at Mandabatmaz. They have developed a strong reputation among coffee lovers and have been serving the best Turkish coffee for decades.

For your first cup of sweet and foamy, Turkish coffee, come to Mandabatmaz.


7. Coffee Manifesto

Coffee Manifesto is another small shop but one that makes great specialty coffees in Istanbul. In this modernly-designed and cosy shop, the baristas here are quick to strike up a conversation about your coffee preferences.

Take a recommendation from the barista or try one of their freshly brewed coffees that are hit amongst locals.

Coffee Manifesto

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