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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Krakow

While it may not have the burgeoning specialty coffee scene of other bigger European cities, there are still lots of fantastic and charming places for coffee in Krakow.

These are seven of the best cafes to check out in Krakow.

The best coffee shops in KrakowHow do these rankings work?

1. Wesoła Cafe

Wesoła Cafe is one of the more well-known cafes and is a definite go-to spot in Krakow. The baristas are friendly and they make some delicious coffees here.

Take your pick and sit indoors or outside as you sip away on your coffee.

Wesola Cafe

2. Big Hat of Coffee

Big Hat of Coffee just might be the most charming cafe for their branding and coffees! While the cafe itself is not so big and there aren’t many seats, it’s still a great place to take your coffee with you on the go.

Try one of their Flat Whites here at Big Hat of Coffee.

Big Hat of Coffee

3. Karma Cafe

Good karma will definitely come to the baristas at Karma Cafe for they are some of the nicest and friendliest people in Krakow and they roast their own coffee in shop. Coffees are complex and delightfully delicious here too.

Have one of their hand-roasted coffees and pair it with a snack at Karma Cafe.

Karma Cafe Krakow

4. Cheder Cafe

Cheder Cafe is one of the more calmer places to have a cup of coffee in Krakow. This cafe draws on the Jewish heritage of the Kazimierz district this shop is in and offers Israeli coffee and a variety of kosher snacks.

If you’ve never tried Israeli coffee, give it a shot here at Cheder Cafe.

Cheder Cafe Krakow

5. Cafe Tektura

When you’re busy visiting the Old Town of Krakow, a coffee break would be a nice little reprieve from all the sightseeing. Cafe Tektura is near the edge of Old Town and offers some of the best specialty coffee in Krakow.

Indulge in a cup of their coffee and have one of their tasty homemade cakes to go with it.

Cafe Tektura Krakow

6. Café Lisboa

Cafe Lisboa brings the best of Portugal’s coffee scene to Krakow. You’ll instantly feel like you’re in Lisbon with those familiar blue tiles and gentle fado music playing in the background.

Their coffees here are fantastic too and you must have it with the tart that is a Portuguese specialty!

Cafe Lisboa Krakow

7. Bunkier Cafe

Bunkier Cafe is a funky and quirky cafe that gives off vintage vibes with the random antiques inside. Once you look past that and realise that you’re here for some coffee, you’ll soon realise that the coffees here are great.

Sip on a hot cup of coffee here and then head next door to the famous Bunkier Sztuki Gallery.

Bunkier Cafe

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