The 7 Best Coffee In Las Vegas

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Las Vegas

While the Strip may be where all the fancy and grand hotels are, you don’t necessarily have to stay on the strip to find an excellent cup of coffee. In fact, many of the better coffees in Las Vegas are outside of the main Strip area of Las Vegas.

Check out the very best coffee shops in Las Vegas.

The best coffee shops in Las VegasHow do these rankings work?

1. PublicUs

PublicUs is a coffee shop away from the bright lights of the strip and is in downtown Vegas. At this modern cafe, you’ll have your pick of a variety of coffees in a laid-back setting.

If you enjoy lattes, try their Macadamia Nut Latte here at PublicUs.

coffee in las vegas

2. TIABI Coffee & Waffle

TIABI Coffee is the (second) home of university students thanks to their very reasonable prices and fantastic coffees. This no-frills cafe features a simple and welcoming interior, making it a perfect place to grab a coffee and study for students.

Students love this shop for what TIABI stands for – To Inspire and Be Inspired and here, they’re more than inspired by their Tiffs Waffle Macchiato specialty coffee. Inspirationally-fantastic!

TIABI Coffee & Waffle in Las Vegas

3. Vesta Coffee Roasters

Vesta Coffee Roasters is a great shop that carefully sources sustainable beans from around the world. In doing so, their coffees are full of flavour and vary in bold tastes.

Give their cold brew coffees here a try or go for their Macadamia-Almond Latte. Both are great!

Vesta Coffee Roasters in Las Vegas

4. Makers & Finders

Makers & Finders is a ways away from the hustle and bustle of the Vegas strip but locals (and you!) flock here for the freshness of their coffees. The coffees are made using beans from Latin America and the food they serve here has a distinct LatAm feel as well.

A cup of their freshly brewed coffee is all that should inspire you to come here but stay for the fantastic food too!

Makers & Finders Cafe

5. Sambalatte

Sambalatte sources their beans from Africa and South America and french-press these beans to create amazingly bright and crisp coffees. They really pride themselves on creating lattes that taste great and the “latte-art” is on point here as well.

Try their interesting Rainbow Latte, post a picture of it on Instagram and watch those Likes rack up!

Sambalatte Cafe in Las Vegas

6. AmeriBrunch Cafe

AmeriBrunch Cafe serves up some classic American brunch food and it pairs so well with their coffees. This cafe is quaint and rustic and there always seems to be a wait but that’s only because their food and coffees are delicious!

Can’t go wrong with a cup of Peet’s Coffee here at AmeriBrunch Cafe.AmeriBrunch Cafe

7. Gäbi Coffee & Bakery

For the instantly charming coffee shop in Las Vegas, got to go to Gäbi’s for that. This shop is actually a Korean coffee house but they don’t make their coffees any different here; just better.

Try their specialty coffee The Gäbi, a dry cappuccino, and pair it with their deliciously guilty sweets such as a tiramisu.

Gäbi Coffee & Bakery

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