Cute Cafe in Medellin, Colombia

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Medellin

If you’ve travelled all the way to Colombia in search of some of the world’s best coffee, then Medellin is a great place to start your caffeine-filled journey.

While Bogotá is the country’s capital, Medellin is located closer to Colombia’s coffee-growing axis and serves up fresh brews straight from locally-sourced beans.

Looking for great coffee in Colombia? Check out seven of the best coffee shops in Medellin.

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1. Pergamino Cafe

Look at any list of the best coffee shops in Medellin and you’ll undoubtedly find Pergamino at the top of every list. Why? The coffee’s literally just that great.

Pergamino perfectly mixes locally-sourced, high-quality coffee and outstanding baristas who truly have a passion for their craft. The result is a great cup of coffee regardless of what you order and a truly relaxing atmosphere to drink it in.

Make sure to try one of their different brews, which range from Aeropress to Chemex, and purchase a bag of coffee to take home with you as a souvenir.

Best Coffee Shops in Medellin

2. Cafe Aroma de Barrio

Part of drinking coffee in Medellin is immersing yourself in the local culture, and there are few cafes which allow you to do that to the extent that Cafe Aroma de Barrio does.

You’ll find this cafe at the top of Comuna 13, which was previously one of Medellin’s most dangerous city and is now perhaps the most-visited tourist location in all of the city.

The vibrant walls welcome you to the “barrio” and the unique art leads you into Cafe Aroma de Barrio. If you’re looking to give back to the community, then get your coffee here, as the cafe itself is a lesson in local entrepreneurship and art.

Traditional Colombian Cafe in Medellin

3. Urbania Cafe

Looking for the most Instagrammable cafe in Medellin? While there are quite a few, Urbania is at the top of the list. 

The rose gold accent decorations brighten up the space, which is filled with green plants and minimalist artwork.

Aside from enjoying the experienced baristas who know how to make a great cup of coffee, visitors really enjoy Urbania’s pastry offerings, too.

Cute Cafe in Medellin, Colombia

4. Hija Mia Coffee Roasters

Another great Instagrammable cafe, Hija Mia is widely known across the city of Medellin for roasting some of the best-tasting coffee around. 

They also offer a pretty extensive coffee menu. If you’re a true coffee aficionado then definitely head to Hija Mia for a stellar white flat. 

The atmosphere here is pretty quiet, so it’s also a great place to get some work done if you’re a digital nomad or need to catch up on watching your Snaps and Insta stories.

Coffee Roaster Hija Mia Colombia

5. Cafe Ondas 

If you’re a solo traveller and want to socialise with others during your trip to Medellin, then check out Cafe Ondas, which is located at the ground floor of a hostel by the same name.

At this bohemian cafe, you’ll find energetic travellers, digital nomads, and even locals looking to enjoy a bit of cultural exchange.

Head there on a Wednesday or a Friday to take part in a language exchange as you sip your coffee. When you’re finished, you can head up to the hostel’s equally bohemian and laidback rooftop bar.

6. Cafe Revolución

Located in the heart of Laureles, one of Medellin’s hottest neighbourhood for travellers and expats, Cafe Revolución is a great place to enjoy an afternoon reading or meeting with friends.

Their flat white’s rival the ones you can get at Hija Mia and their regular brew tastes like liquid gold.

For less than about USD $3 you can enjoy Revolución’s homemade Western breakfast, which comes with eggs, toast, and a salad. Or, enjoy one of their fresh smoothies or flaky pastries.

7. Tomasa y al Alma

If you can’t drink coffee without enjoying a delicious pastry on the side, then Tomasa y al Alma is the place for you. 

Al Alma Coffee Roasters is the parent company, and you’ll find three unique cafe locations all over Medellin. Look for Tomasa y al Alma in La Strada and Provenza and Cafe Al Alma in the Patio Bonito neighbourhood.

All three locations offer scrumptious pastries that pair well with whatever coffee you decide to order.

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