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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Montreal

To this day, Montreal still has a heavy European influence that permeates through its culture as seen by the architecture and cobblestone streets. It might be safe to say that the coffee in Montreal is also similar to the culture over in Europe where tiny and charming coffee shops abound everywhere.

Here are the best coffee shops in Montreal.

The best coffee shops in MontrealHow do these rankings work?

1. Café Myriade

Café Myriade has a couple of locations throughout Montreal and was one of the original players in Montreal’s specialty coffee scene. Using blends from Canadian roasters, Café Myriade offers some of the best coffees that Canadian beans have to offer.

Start your day with a bright and fresh cappuccino here or for something stronger, their espressos are great as well.

Cafe Myriade Montreal

2. Pikolo Espresso Bar

Like the name suggests, Pikolo is known for making some of the best espressos in Montreal. Pikolo is an inviting coffee shop to come for a chat with a friend or to do some work in as the interior is chic and comfortable.

Try their signature espresso-java creation, the Pikolo, while you’re here.

Pikolo Espresso Bar Montreal

3. Tunnel Espresso Bar

Tunnel Espresso Bar might be a bit tricky to find as it is under ground near the Eaton Centre. At this hidden gem, that is recognisable once you see their bright blue neon sign, the javas here are simply amazing and this shop is perfect for people who are on the go.

Locals love their lattes at this espresso bar and you should definitely try one and then be on your way.

Tunnel Espresso Bar Coffee

4. Caffè San Simeon

Caffè San Simeon has been serving some of the best coffees in Montreal for 40 years. Known for their creamy cappuccinos, Caffè San Simeon is a laid-back coffee shop where people come to catch up with friends, not use the wi-fi.

Order a cappuccino here in this vintage coffee shop that is in the heart of Little Italy in Montreal.

Caffe San Simeon Montreal

5. Café Olimpico

Café Olimpico has been serving simplistic coffees in Montreal for almost 50 years and in a way, time has stood still for them. This charming cafe still only takes cash only, and the baristas are espresso purists and will scoff at you if you over-complicate your order (asking for soy milk instead of regular milk might do the trick).

Café Olimpico is a favourite locals spot to meet up with friends while enjoying a fresh cappuccino.

6. Café Humble Lion

Café Humble Lion is nearby the local university and as such, is often frequented by students with their laptops out. The coffees here though are marvellously strong and perfect for students and everyone alike, to keep them wide awake for a good period of time.

Try a cup of their pourover here or perhaps an espresso beverage will do if you want something a bit stronger.

7. Le Darling

Le Darling is a charming coffee shop with beautiful rustic decor and a round bar. Here, you can sip on a coffee during the day and enjoy a cocktail at night. There is more than enough space at this lovely little place that serves up some fantastic lattes.

Do yourself a favour and order a latte for a little mid-afternoon pick me up and follow that up with a glass of wine to start the night right.

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