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The 7 Best Coffee Shops in Moscow

In this cosmopolitan capital of Russia, Moscow has a bevy of different coffee shops that each has its own character, charm, and coffees. Depending on your preference for the type of coffee, you’re most likely to find a shop that serves your favourite coffee in Moscow.

Check out the very best coffee shops in Moscow.

The best places for coffee in MoscowHow do these rankings work?

1. One Teaspoon Cafe

One Teaspoon Cafe is a smaller cafe that has a vintage and chic vibe going on. With such an interesting ambiance, enjoying one of their coffees in this cafe is easy to do.

Try a delicious cup of their cappuccino at One Teaspoon Cafe.

One Teaspoon Cafe Moscow

2. David B. Cafe

The David B. Cafe refers to the legendary rock star, David Bowie, and is about as strange of a connection you can have in Moscow. But yet, the coffees here at David B’s are sublime and are known to pair extremely well with one of their croissants.

Definitely get the croissant and a Flat White here and admire the David Bowie memorabilia on the walls.

David Bowie Cafe in Moscow

3. Nude Coffee Wine & Bar

Nude Coffee Wine & Bar is a shop that double dips between serving great coffees by day and wines by night. This bar is known for having a much stronger drip coffee than most places so come here if you need a strong one.

Get the strong drip coffee here at Nude and perhaps pair it with a slice of their apple pie.

Nude Coffee Wine & Bar

4. SOS Cafe

SOS Cafe is a cafe that screams of Americana because they also make fresh smoothies, hot dogs, and burgers here. This kitschy place is on the smaller side so you might need a reservation to come here.

Try one of their Instagram-famous Pink Coffees here at SOS.

SOS Cafe Moscow

5. Vogue Cafe

Vogue Cafe is where all the people in the know in Moscow come to for their high-end shopping and a short, upscale coffee break. This coffee shop does everything well here from their cappuccinos to even their cocktails.

Vogue Cafe is neatly in the centre of Moscow and their cappuccinos are worth sipping on here.

6. Кофе пью (Coffee Piu)

Coffee Piu is a well-known establishment in Moscow, serving delicious coffee, homemade cakes and lunches.

But more than that, you can get your nails done, they have become somewhat of a pioneer in Moscow for their unique format; opening a nail salon inside a coffee (and book) shop.


7. Kooperativ Chernyy

When it comes to finding a coffee shop that cares very deeply about the process of creating coffees that are full of rich flavours, that would be Kooperativ Chernyy. You won’t just get another cup of coffee here as they put a lot of thought into the beans they source to the roasting process.

For that perfect cup of java made with some serious Russian love, come to Kooperativ Chernyy.

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