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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Naples

Looking for the best coffee in Naples? It wasn’t until very recently that the first Starbucks opened in Italy, even though the founder famously took the idea of a coffee shop from one of his travels to the country. 

What’s with the lack of Starbucks? Well, for one reason, Italians take their coffee very differently than how chain coffee shops usually make it, and it certainly shows in the local coffee culture.

Interested in trying one of the most delicious cups of coffee you’ve ever had while visiting Italy’s western coast? You won’t find it in any worldwide chain store. Here are seven of the best coffee shops in Naples.

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1. Bar Mexico

If you’re headed to Italy, then you absolutely can’t miss visiting one of the best coffee shops in Naples, Bar Mexico.

Tourists and locals alike flock to Bar Mexico where they serve up a famous Passalacqua blend straight from Mexico.

Here, they serve the coffee just like most other cafes in Italy, already sweetened and in a hot cup. There are a few locations around town, so all you have to do is look for the unmistakable red and orange sign.

Mexican Coffee Bar in Naples Italy

2. Cafè do Brasil

Take the cable car up to the unique neighbourhood of Vomero to reach one of the area’s oldest cafe – Café do Brasil. 

There, you’ll be able to treat yourself to private label coffee and fresh artisanal coffee cream.

The atmosphere here is incredibly relaxing, and you’ll be enjoying your coffee alongside Neapolitan locals who visit the cafe daily.

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3. Caffè del Professore

If you love your espresso rich and creamy, then you need to order one at Caffè del Professore.

However, this local staple is also famous for its hazelnut coffee as well as their coffee served with Kinder or Nutella. 

You can find this cafe right next to the famous Vucciria Market, which might seem like a tourist spot, but the interior is anything but touristy.

Order a coffee here and expect to stand at the bar just like Italians do. It’s a great way to mingle with the locals and perfect your Italian!

Best Coffee Shops in Naples Italy

4. Chalet Ciro

There’s usually a long line outside of Chalet Ciro, but everybody who tries the coffee here says it’s very worth the wait. 

Aside from having some of the best coffee in Naples, you can also enjoy handmade cakes, sweets, and juices. It’s impossible to stop here and not order their famous “cono graffa,” which is gelato inside of a pastry cone.

Once you’ve ordered, take a seat outside under one of the iconic yellow-coloured umbrellas and enjoy sipping your coffee alongside Neapolitan families and tourists alike. 

Best Cafes in Naples

5. Caffè Letterario Intra Moenia

Soothing garden vibes mixed with the decoration and feel of a cosy bookstore. This is exactly what to expect when you visit Caffè Letterario Intra Moenia.

The name actually translates to a sort of “bookstore cafe,” which you’ll see on the beautifully designed sing outside of the welcoming entrance.

This is one of the best coffee shops in Naples if you experience a rainy day or need to get some work done. If the sun is shining, then request a table outside on their green terrace.

6. Gran Caffè La Caffettiera

If you’re more interested in the quality of your coffee than you are the vibes of the cafe itself, then you need to pay a visit to Gran Caffè La Caffettiera.

At this famous Italian cafe, they roast their coffee beans according to the daily humidity level and offer up a huge pastry menu that pairs well with all of their coffee drinks.

The venue itself is pretty historic, which makes the visit that much more enjoyable.

Popular Coffee Shop in Naples

7. Birdy’s Bakery

While Naples is filled with small coffee shops, it’s worth mentioning that there are modern cafes that offer a bit more traditional experience.

If you’re looking to sit down and enjoy some of the best sweets in town while also enjoying a cute, quaint atmosphere, then head to Birdy’s Bakery.

Here, you can get breakfast, enjoy a pastry, or simply order a cappuccino. The cafe isn’t exactly what you’d expect out of a traditional Italian coffee bar, but locals consistently rank it in the top five coffee shops in Naples, so you know it’s good.

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