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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Newark

While it may not have the specialty coffee scene of neighbouring New York City, there are still a few fantastic places you can get a hot and fresh cup of coffee in Newark.

You can find speciality brews, smooth filters and all sorts of caffeinated cuppas at these cafes in Newark.

The best coffee shops in NewarkHow do these rankings work?

1. T.M. Ward Coffee

T.M. Ward is probably the most well-known name for coffee in Newark. This shop is the oldest cafe in Newark and has been serving up the hot ones since 1869!

Be like a local and come to TM Ward for a coffee and stick around a buy some beans here too!

TM Ward Coffee Newark

2. Black Swan Espresso

While TM Ward Coffee might be the most well-known shop in Newark, Black Swan Espresso probably makes the best cup of coffee in Newark. They specialise in espresso drinks so you’ll easily be able to get your caffeine fix here.

Their cold brews here are also a very popular order here as well.

Black Swan Espresso Newark

3. Blueprint Cafe

The distinguishing feature at Blueprint Cafe is that their coffees include homemade syrups from local beans. They focus on creative brewing processes here at Blueprint but they also reap the benefits in the full-flavour of their coffees.

They make some awesome donuts here as well so have that with a coffee at Blueprint Cafe.

Blueprint Cafe Newark

4. Intrinsic Café

Intrinsic Cafe is a snug and welcoming cafe in Newark’s university part of town. Knowing that many students come here, they offer $5 bottomless coffee for those who procrastinate doing their schoolwork until the last possible moment!

If you’re not a student and just want a coffee, Intrinsic is one of the best places in Newark to go.

Intrinsic Cafe

5. Coperaco Café

If you’ve never had a cup of coffee in a farmhouse-kind of setting, you have to come to Coperaco Cafe. The farmhouse has a very vintage and rustic vibe complete with the two-story tree house that’s built inside the cafe!

Enjoy your cup of coffee in this amazingly unique and fascinating cafe setting.

Coperaco Cafe Newark

6. Texeira’s Bakery

For the best pastry and coffee combination, you’ll find that at Texeira’s Bakery. This Portuguese cafe serves up the boldest espressos in a friendly and welcoming setting.

Try the Portuguese national pastry Pasteis de Nata to go with your cup of espresso.

Texeira's Bakery

7. Caffè Espresso Italia

For a very authentic Italian experience in Newark, swing by Caffe Espresso Italia. This place serves up an excellent Giambotta sandwich as well as a fresh cup of cappuccino. It’ll feel like you’re in Italy all over again!

Freshness and authenticity are the names of the game here so enjoy a taste of Italy at this Caffe!

Caffe Espresso Italia Newark

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