The 7 Best Coffee In Newport

The 7 Best Coffee Shops in Newport

All that sailing, lobster-eating and mansion exploring can wear you out. If you need a little pick-me-up, Newport has some of the best coffee shops in Rhode Island.

If you’re in need of a plain old, strong, black coffee or fancy something a little more decadent, here is the run down of where to get your coffee fix in Newport.

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1. Coffee Grinder

This is an adorable little espresso bar at the end of Newport’s Bannister’s Wharf. Enjoy your freshly ground coffee in one of the comfy Adirondack chairs on the deck and watch the boats sail by.

Best coffee Newport

2. Mokka Coffee House

This charming coffee house in downtown Newport has a fantastic outdoor area to enjoy freshly roasted coffee and delicious pastries. They do a mean iced latte and they’re only $1 on Wednesdays! Bargain!

Mokka Coffee House in Newport

3. Empire Tea and Coffee

This local coffee spot is so popular, there are two to choose from in Newport. They take their coffee very seriously and even sell their own special blend with names like ‘Purgatory’ and ‘Paradise.’ They also do a great cup of tea.

Empire Tea and Coffee in Newport

4. Picnic

Tucked away on Newport’s historic Bellevue Avenue, Picnic is a stylish gourmet bakery and coffee shop. The coffee is delicious and the food is even better. The atmosphere is so charming, you’ll spend all morning there. Don’t miss this Newport gem.

Picnic Cafe in Newport

5. Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar

The coffee at Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar is delicious. Meg fell in love with Australian coffee when she spent years travelling down under training baristas. Don’t miss their signature Flat White (with velvety milk!) and treat yourself to a Tim Tam Slam. 

Meg’s Aussie Milk Bar in Newport

6. Kaffeology

According to the folks at this hip coffee shop, ‘great coffee is a science’. And they’ve certainly got their formula right. Not only is their coffee delicious, but they also serve fantastic milkshakes. They are so good they won best milkshake in Rhode Island last year. And don’t miss their cookie dough frappe.

Kaffeology Cafe

7. Belle’s Cafe

You’ll find Belle’s Cafe in the heart of Newport’s shipyard. It’s a local favourite thanks to their no frills coffee and delicious breakfasts. You won’t get a flat white or a cookie dough frappe here. But their espresso does the trick!

Belle's Cafe

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