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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Oakland

When it comes to coffee in Oakland, you have to know that they do it just as well as their San Francisco neighbours. Many of these specialty coffee shops serve an excellent variety of your favourite java beverages.

Check out the seven best cafes in Oakland.

The Best Coffee Shops in OaklandHow do these rankings work?

1. Timeless Coffee Roasters

Timeless Coffee Roasters proudly roasts their coffees in-house and make some of the best java drinks in all of Oakland. It’s one of the locals favourite cafes for their high standards of coffee and amazing selection of breakfast items as well.

Try one of their amazing coffees or delicious espresso drinks at Timeless.

Timeless Coffee Roasters

2. Blue Bottle Coffee

Blue Bottle Coffee is another bay area cafe staple. The familiar blue bottle logo reigns supreme in this shop and they promise on delivering a fresh cup of coffee here thanks to their promise of only using in-house roasted beans from within the last two days.

Come to Blue Bottle for a fresh cup of coffee and relax in their modern and airy space.

Blue Bottle Coffee

3. Bicycle Coffee

What started out as a one-man coffee shop on a bike has now blossomed into a full-fledged coffee store. Their physical shop is now serving their well-known coffees in downtown Oakland and you can even purchase some of their beans.

They make some fantastic ice cold coffees here and you can even bring your own growler and fill it up with their ice coffees!

Bicycle Coffee

4. Cole Coffee

Cole Coffee has been around the cafe block in Oakland for almost 20 years now. Their longevity is a testament to their freshly-roasted beans and lively atmosphere of their cafes and relaxing sofas where you can have a lovely conversation over some coffee.

Make yourself feel at home at this neighbourhood favourite and catch up with some friends over coffee.

Cole Coffee

5. Modern Coffee

With a few locations in Oakland, Modern Coffee has made a name for themselves as a reliable place for some delicious coffee. Sourcing their beans from some of the best roasters in America, Modern Coffee also brews your coffee by the order and not in batches.

Come to Modern Coffee for your favourite made-to-order coffee drink.

Modern Coffee

6. Farley’s

Priding themselves for the impact they have on community, Farley’s uses its shop as a space that supports local ventures. From supporting local artists to non-profits, Farley’s is the most welcoming and accepting coffee shop in all of Oakland.

It’s not uncommon to see a community workshop taking place at Farley’s so become one with the community here.


7. Awaken Cafe

The walls of this cafe are lined with local artist’s work and is home to open mic nights. It has been a gem in the neighbourhood for over a decade!

It’s not just your regular cafe, it has an award-winning espresso bar, beer and wine bar, and event space.


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