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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Riga

You may not know it, but the specialty coffee scene in Riga has been and still is growing. You might also be surprised to find out how amazing the coffee in Riga is at these cafes.

Check out the greatness of these seven cafes in Riga.

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1. Rocket Bean Roastery

Rocket Bean Roastery brings Nordic coffee influences to this quirky, hipster neighbourhood in Riga. Coffee here is roasted in-house and is made bespoke and to your liking.

For one of the best-made cups of coffee in Riga, come to Rocket Bean Roastery.

Rocket Bean Roastery Riga

2. MiiT Coffee

At MiiT Coffee, you’ll find a full-on vegetarian cafe that caters to a more health-conscious audience. The coffees here are absolutely splendid and are hand-pressed using a variety of fancy machinery.

Vegetarian or not, their meals here are actually very tasty and with a freshly-made cup of coffee, why go anywhere else?

MiiT Coffee Riga

3. Innocent Cafe

Known by locals as Illy, Innocent Cafe has been serving up the best Italian coffee and weekend brunches in Riga for years. The staff here are incredibly friendly making the customer experience a memorable one in Riga.

If you’re here for brunch, make sure you try their cappuccino as well – might be the best in Riga.

Innocent Cafe Riga

4. Crumble Cake

Crumble Cake makes some amazing crumble cakes (obviously!) but they also make the best flat whites in Riga. The coffees here come served in very elegant china in this very modern and relaxed setting.

You must try the heavenly combination of a slice of crumble cake and a flat white or a regular coffee if you prefer.

Crumble Cake

5. Zvaigzne Café

Zvaigzne Cafe is a cafe that doubles as a small library for you to sit back and enjoy your coffee with a book in hand. It is in the old part of town and is a frequent spot for tourists to come to for a coffee break.

Their coffees are of excellent quality and their beans come from popular Atkinsons Coffee Roasters.

Zvaigzne Cafe

6. A.L.L. Cappuccino

Can you guess what kind of coffees they specialise in at this shop? If cappuccino is your favourite coffee drink, you need to come here! It is a locals recommendation for their favourite espresso beverage.

You’ll notice that the cappuccinos here are silky smooth and rich with a lovely coating of foam on top.

ALL Cappuccino Riga

7. Bufete Gauja

Bufete Gauja is a charming cafe tucked away in an old Soviet apartment in Riga. Much of the Soviet-era objects are still in-tact at this cafe that serves great food and coffee.

Enjoy a cup of coffee in this rustic and unique cafe in an apartment building in Riga.

Bufete Gauja Riga

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