The 7 Best Rotterdam Coffee

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Rotterdam

Brimming with bohemian coffee shops, Rotterdam coffee is some of the best you’ll find in the Netherlands. As the Third Wave coffee movement powers across the country, it’s getting way easier to find artisan cafes for a decent brew.

A great local coffee shop is never far away here, so caffeine-nuts can rest at ease.  From industrial-style coffee stores to cosy cafes that you’ll happily sit in all afternoon, there’s plenty of choice in Rotterdam.

We’ve got the very best places for coffee right here, so you can head straight towards that much needed pick-me-up as soon as you arrive.

Best coffee in RotterdamHow do these rankings work?

1. Man Met Bril Koffie 

You’ll find them under the railway track and you’ll know just how serious they are by the scale of their roasting unit that’s within the shop. These folk are serious coffee operators doing their thing at a consistently high level.

Man Met Bril Koffie In Rotterdam

2. Hopper

Hopper have two equally great locations in the city (you couldn’t possibly split them on quality). Their focus is on controlling the coffee process from start to finish, as well as baking great bread. They are fiercely independent and bring caffeinated joy to the lives of many on a daily basis.

Hopper Cafe In Rotterdam

3. Urban Espresso Bar

After the success of the first Urban Espresso Bar the Australian owner Jo McCambridge has opened another espresso bar on the Nieuwe Binnenweg. Here you can get excellent coffee – including the perfect flat white. Urban Espresso Bar rotates its beans regularly so you can sample new blends.

Urban Espresso Bar In Rotterdam

4. Harvest Coffee Brewers

Harvest Coffee Brewers have a serious passion for coffee, serving up four different coffee roasts every day – two on filter and two on espresso. The owners (from Netherlands and Aruba) lived for a while inMelbourne and aim to share that unique Melbourne experience with the rest of Rotterdam. You can taste the quality in every cup.

Harvest Coffee Brewers

5. Caffè Booon

Just behind the central station, you’ll find Caffè Booon (café spelled the Italian way, and the Dutch word for ‘bean’ with an extra O). Drop in for your robust espresso, gentle latte, or cappuccino decorated with the milk-foam art of a true barista.

Caffè Booon

6. Nine Bar

The name is a reference to an optimal espresso that’s made with a pressure of 9 bar. They take pride in their extraordinary coffee, exceptional individual service, and high quality and fresh ingredients. The coffee is so good that you’ll be back again and again.

Nine Bar Cafe


COPPI is so much more than just a place for a coffee break.  It is a shop with exclusive, bicycle-related products, but this hot spot in the Hofbogen is also a bicycle workshop with its own bicycle repair shop. Pop in for a great brew and pick up something beautiful for your bike, too.

Rotterdam coffee

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