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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Sacramento

Some of the best places for coffee in Sacramento include fantastic specialty cafes that know how to make a great cup of coffee.

Here are the seven best cafes in Sacramento.

The Best Coffee Shops in SacramentoHow do these rankings work?

1. Temple Coffee

Temple Coffee is an institution in the Sacramento coffee scene and has been around for about 15 years. This award-winning coffee shop is all about sourcing their beans in an ethical manner, and serving it to you fresh.

You’ll have to try their Ethiopia Yirgacheffe coffee, which won an award for the best coffee a few years back.

Temple Coffee Sacramento

2. Old Soul Co.

For some of the best coffees and pastries in Sacramento, you’ll find that at Old Soul Co. The beans here come primarily from South America and Africa and Sacramento roasts them!

With four different stores in Sacramento, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee at Old Soul Co.

Old Soul Co.

3. Camellia Coffee Roasters

Camellia Coffee Roasters has only been on the Sacramento coffee scene for a couple of years but they’ve made their presence known. Their charming, pink-coloured cafe, makes some of the best espressos in Sacramento from beans sourced from Ethiopia and Brazil.

Try a cup of delicious cappuccino here at Camellia.

Camellia Coffee Roasters

4. Insight Coffee Roasters

For some great coffees and relaxing cafe designs, swing by any of the Insight Coffee Roaster stores. At all their stores, they really take pride in the flavour of their coffees and they all prepare their drinks on the spot and by the order.

For the best overall coffee drinking experience, you’ll definitely get that at Insight Coffee.

Insight Coffee Roasters

5. Identity Coffees

A favourite coffee shop for students is Identity Coffees. It won’t be uncommon to see throngs of students buried in books and laptops here and it’s only because they want a solid cup of coffee to keep them awake, right?

The coffees here are fabulous and their espressos are even better!

Identity Coffees

6. Naked Lounge

No, you won’t find anyone without their clothes on at Naked Lounge but you will find some fantastic coffees here. They serve a variety of specialty coffee drinks here but single-origin coffees here rule the day.

A great cup of single-origin coffee is the Kerouac, a strong four shots of espresso with condensed milk and cream.

Naked Lounge Sacramento

7. Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters care about the freshness of the coffees they serve using beans that are freshly harvested. The baristas here are incredibly knowledgeable as well and are well-known in the Sacramento barista community.

You have to try their Flat White here as it is one of the best in town.

Chocolate Fish Coffee Roasters

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