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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Santiago

South America is notoriously known for one of the best regions in the world to grow and produce coffee beans. That high reputation carries over to the coffee in Santiago as there are plenty of fantastic coffee shops here and it is growing.

Check out the very best coffee shops in Santiago.

The best coffee shops in SantiagoHow do these rankings work?

1. Original Green Roasters

Original Green Roasters is a comfortable place to come enjoy a coffee in Santiago. The coffees here are uniquely roasted in a copper roaster using beans that are sourced from a Guatemalan farm.

Try the house coffee or indulge in a Flat White here at Original Green.

Original Green Roasters

2. Café Triciclo

Cafe Triciclo makes a variety of locally-roasted coffees but their best just might be their pourovers. This coffee shop, that used to be a mobile cafe on a trike, is now in its own location that is a relaxing place to sip on some coffee.

Definitely give their pourover a try here at Cafe Triciclo.

Cafe Triciclo

3. Colmado Coffee

Colmado Coffee is popular among locals and tourists alike for their wide array of java concoctions where you will most likely find what you’re looking for. You can even let the barista know that your coffee preferences and they will prepare it to your liking. Talk about service!

Try one of their house blend coffees here and let the barista know if you prefer it to be lighter or darker.

coffee in santiago

4. Café Forestal

Cafe Forestal is one of the smaller and cosier coffee shops in Santiago. They make some amazing espresso-based coffees here and the pastries here are also quite sublime.

For a perfect pair, try a cup of cappuccino and a slice of warm, apple pie.

Cafe Forestal

5. Cultura Coffee Shop

Cultura Coffee Shop is a cafe that prepares some of the best coffee in Santiago. The passion is felt here at Cultura thanks to the owner, Jose Carvajal’s dedication to passing his knowledge in training baristas and even teaching coffee tasting classes.

Try their best java creation the Mokaccino here at Cultura.

Cultura Coffee Shop

6. Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters

Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters (CCCR) is one of the newer coffee shops in Santiago and they roast their own coffees in house. The result are coffees that burst with flavour and are strong.

Come enjoy a strong cup of cappuccino here and stick around to read a book or play the piano here.

Coffee Culture Coffee Roasters

7. Café de la Candelaria

Cafe de la Candelaria is one of Santiago’s best coffee shops with beans coming from Nicaragua. The shop is in an old house that is almost like a recognisable landmark in Santiago.

The coffees possess a full body of flavour and have a natural and pleasing aroma so you can’t go wrong with any java drink here.

coffee in santiago

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