The 7 Best Coffee In Savannah

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Savannah

Savannahians take their coffee very seriously. Organic roasters are popping up all over the city. From cute coffee stores brewing up rich, aromatic espresso to a simple filter or cold brew, java-nuts are well looked after with coffee in Savannah.

Have a caffeine craving? Here are the seven best coffee shops in Savannah. You’re more than welcome.

Best coffee shops in SavannahHow do these rankings work?

1. The Coffee Fox

First up is The Coffee Fox. This is an award-winning craft coffee house. Their baristas really know what they’re doing. They are trained for months before they go anywhere near your coffee. So it’s safe to say the coffee tastes very professional.

The chai latte is probably the best in all of Savannah. But their Horchata with sweetened milk and cinnamon is even better! 

The Coffee Fox in Savannah

2. Perc Coffee

Next, we’ve got Perc Coffee, a specialist coffee roasters in the heart of Savannah. They source their coffee seasonally so it tastes really fresh. And their nitro cold brew will definitely blow your socks off. 

Perc Coffee in Savannah

3. The Foundery Coffee Pub

The tagline of The Foundery Coffee Pub is ‘coffee cultivating community’. This local hub is a non-profit business. They even raise money for neighbourhood projects. So don’t miss their free events and gigs. And above all, don’t miss their coffee. 

The Foundery Coffee Pub in Savannah

4. The Paris Market Cafe

This is another charming little cafe inside The Paris Market, a kitsch French antique store. It’s very quaint. Architectural Digest even named it ‘The Most Beautiful Coffee Shop in Georgia’. So, sit back on the velvet banquettes and order an espresso. You could almost be in Paris. 

And yes, the coffee is bangin’ too.

The Paris Market Cafe in Savannah

5. Le Cafe Gourmet

Le Cafe Gourmet is probably the best bakery in Savannah. They make their own delicious pastries and breads on site every morning. They are almost too pretty to eat. Almost. And their coffee ‘aint half bad either! We kid: it’s awesome.

Le Cafe Gourmet

6. Arts

You’ll find Arts inside The Savannah College of Art and Design. You can’t miss it because of the giant, red double-decker bus inside. Really. They are probably best known for their Frozen Buzz. It’s made with espresso, bananas, coco and almond milk. Heaven. 

The Savannah College of Art and Design Cafe

7. Foxy Loxy Cafe

And finally, The Foxy Loxy Cafe. This unique spot is part coffee shop and part Tex-Mex cantina. Sounds like a strange combination, but it works. The Mexican Mocha is insanely good. It is made with dark chocolate, habanero and cinnamon. Yum. 

FYI, it’s a sister cafe to The Coffee Fox.

Foxy Loxy Cafe

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