7 Best Coffee In Seattle

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Seattle

Without a doubt, the home of coffee in America has got to be Seattle. While many people know that Starbucks originated in this city, what many may not know is that there are tons of other great coffee shops in Seattle.

Well okay, you probably do know that, but we’re here to show you the very best. Those cafes that you’ll add an extra 10 minutes onto your morning commute just ‘cos you love their brews.

These are just seven of the best places to grab a cup of coffee in Seattle.

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1. Elm Coffee Roasters

Elm Coffee Roasters is a beautiful, chic coffee shop that locals love here in Seattle. When you walk in you’ll notice the big open space, and you’ll be hit with the smell of in-house roasted beans and friendly service.

They are well-known for their espressos here, so definitely get that and pair it with one of their pastries.

Elm Coffee Roasters in Seattle

2. Vif Wine and Coffee

For those who like to double their beverage pleasure, do so at Vif Wine and Coffee in Seattle. This former burger shop turned coffee/wine shop makes some of the best espressos in the city.

Finish off your afternoon with an espresso and start your evening off with a glass of wine. Win-win.

Vif Wine and Coffee in Seattle

3. Victrola Coffee Roasters

Victrola Coffee Roasters has established itself as the coffee shop of the people in Seattle. Along with serving great brews, they also host in a free cupping or coffee tasting to the public every Wednesday.

After a coffee tasting, stick around and have some more coffee and pair it with one of their homemade cakes!

Victrola Coffee Roasters In Seattle

4. Slate Coffee Bar

If you’re looking for a place for stimulating conversations, there’s plenty of that at Slate Coffee Bar. Customers are encouraged to engage with the baristas and are welcome to sit at the bar and chat about their beans and life, in general.

Get whatever brew you fancy – baristas here are very knowledgable and can whip you up something special according to your coffee preferences.

coffee Seattle

5. Milstead and Co

Milstead and Co has a reputation in Seattle for being a coffee shop that doesn’t get lazy with what they offer. They are constantly switching out coffees and adding in new blends to their rotation.

Their menu usually includes coffees from over twelve roasteries in Seattle, so be sure to ask baristas here for a recommendation.

Milstead and Co Caffe

6. Espresso Vivace

Espresso Vivace shows off its Italian roots and has received worldwide attention for their expert take on coffees. They make the best cappuccino in Seattle by far and it is their most popular brew. Makes sense.

You can’t go wrong ordering either the cappuccino or their double espresso specialty, the Cafe Nico.

Cafe Nico

7. Pike Place Starbucks

Yes, it’s Starbucks. Yes, it actually *is* worth a visit.

You can’t come to Seattle and not swing by the original Starbucks store in Seattle. Located in touristy Pike Place, this Starbucks location first opened in 1971 and today still serves up that familiar Starbucks taste.

FYI, this Starbucks often has lineups that wrap outside and around the building, so best to come first thing in the morning to avoid the long queues.

Starbucks Coffee in Seattle

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