The 7 Best Coffee In St. Louis

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In St. Louis

Like many large urban cities in America, there is a fantastic coffee scene brewing in St. Louis. Many of the shops here create some of the best cups of coffee in St.Louis and are only getting better.

These are the very best coffee shops in St.Louis.

The best places for coffee in St.LouisHow do these rankings work?

1. Sump Coffee

Sump Coffee is one of the more well-known coffee shops in St. Louis thanks to their approach of pushing their coffee-making boundaries. For an “elevated” coffee-drinking experience, Sump’s brews are constantly being sourced from different farms and their menus frequently change because of this.

If you’re okay with expanding your coffee palate and trying coffees that may or may not be different each time you visit, come to Sump’s.

Sump Coffee in st.louis

2. Comet Coffee

You won’t find big batches of warm and stale coffee here at Comet’s as they brew cups of java by the order here. When the drinks are ready, the flavours are crisp, bold, and fresh and you’ll instantly notice the amazing quality of each cup here.

For a fresh cup of jo, Comet Coffee is your place.

Comet Cafe

3. Blueprint Coffee

In this inviting and community-driven coffee shop, Blueprint makes some of the better espressos in St. Louis. They also brew their cups here by the order and they have a wide selection of beverages available here for you to try.

Their signature cup of jo is their Penrose blend. A sweeter version of an Americano.

Blueprint Coffee

4. Rise Coffee

Rise Coffee is another local shop in St. Louis that cares deeply about the brews they make and their community as shown by their “Coffee for the People” sign. The coffees that are made for the people here are amazing and made with some serious love and high-tech equipment (Chemex and V60).

Swing by this local java shop for a fresh brew in the morning.

Rise Coffee

5. The Mud House St.Louis

The Mud House just might be the best that St. Louis has to offer when it comes to coffee shops. Here, you’ll find tremendously flavourful coffees to go with their tasty pastries. The vibe here is funky and attracts a varying mix of crowds to give it a lively atmosphere.

You have to try their signature roast the Los Ortiz. The beans are sourced from El Salvador but are roasted locally.

coffee in st.louis

6. Northwest Coffee Roasting St.Louis

Northwest Coffee Roasting brings a bit of Seattle flair to this mid-western urban city. This notorious Northwest chain was born in Seattle in 1993 and their expansion into St. Louis shows you how legit their brews are.

A cup of their lovely and bold Sumatra is the perfect way to start your morning in St. Louis.

Northwest Coffee Roasting St.Louis

7. Park Avenue Coffee

Park Avenue Coffee offers a long list of different types of coffee beverages. However, their darker roasts here are more common and popular here so don’t come here looking for something on the lighter side.

Their Italian roast which is a rich, bold, and bitter roast is what you should order at Park Avenue.

Park Avenue Cafe

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