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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In St.Petersburg

A morning without coffee is a morning that is incomplete. Rest assured that no morning will go incomplete as there are lots of brilliant cafes that serve up some amazing coffee in St.Petersburg, Russia.

These are the seven best cafes for coffee in St.Petersburg.

The best coffee shops in St.PetersburgHow do these rankings work?

1. Espresso Bike

Espresso Bike initially sold their coffees on a bike in front of a shopping mall. Now, they have traded in their bike for an actual space and this space is full of wonderful character that makes the coffee-drinking experience here from great to amazing.

The coffees here are seriously good and they roast their beans from two Russian roasters. Try their fantastic cold brew!

Espresso Bike

2. Bonch

Bonch is another favourite of St.Petersburg locals as they serve quality coffees and they roast them using Northwest Roasting Company. Their shop is friendly and welcoming and you’ll often see students and other work professionals set up shop here with a cup of coffee in hand.

Try an espresso or a coffee from Kenyan beans here at Bonch.

Bonch St.Petersburg

3. Bolshe Coffee

Bolshe Coffee is one of the bigger players in the specialty coffee scene in St.Petersburg thanks to their forward-thinking owners. The passion and dedication for making and perfecting coffees here are felt in the roasting of their beans down in-house.

Grab a cup of espresso and enjoy outdoors in their colourful outdoor seating area.

Bolshe Coffee

4. City Coffee

City Coffee is another fantastic coffee shop in St.Petersburg that is always trying to push past the status quo of coffee making. They often experiment with new tastes and roasts and their frequently rotating menu shows that they are constantly trying to get better.

Depending on your coffee preferences, ask the baristas here for a recommendation.

City Coffee

5. Coffee 22

Is there a better combination than coffee and music? If so, the owners at Coffee 22 haven’t found it yet as their shop are heavy advocates of the power of music in their cafe. In the middle of their shop is a vinyl record player that spins out the tunes.

Come for some excellent espressos at Coffee 22 as you listen to sweet melodies from the vinyl player.

Coffee 22

6. Pitcher

Locals love coming to Pitcher because their main coffee supplier is Russian-company, Coffee Owl. The cups of jo that come from here are fantastic and full of flavour. The shop is on the smaller side but the coffees are big in bold tastes.

Be like a local here and go for a fresh cup of java here at Pitcher.


7. Pif Paf

Pif Paf is another coffee shop in St.Petersburg that relies on the Coffee Owl to supply their beans. This cafe is known for their fantastic espressos and high-quality of barista service and knowledge here.

Order an espresso here or try their Brazilian coffee here which is also quite divine.

Pif Paf Coffee

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