Mokuska Caffe Stuttgart

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Stuttgart

Like any big European city, Stuttgart has an abundance of fantastic cafes. From a regular cup of coffee to a specialty beverage, you will find just about any cup of coffee in Stuttgart.

These are the seven best cafes in Stuttgart.

The Best Coffee Shops in StuttgartHow do these rankings work?

1. Mókuska Caffè

Mókuska Caffè has a reputation for serving some of the best specialty coffees in Stuttgart. Coffees here are roasted in-house and made to perfection.

Go for either of their house blends or give their Flat White a try.

Mokuska Caffe Stuttgart

2. Tarte und Toertchen

Tarte und Toertchen is known for the best pairings of pastry treats and coffees in Stuttgart. They have a fantastic array of sweet and savoury pastries to go with your favourite cup of java.

Come here early in the morning for the best way to start your day: a coffee and a pastry.

Tarte Und Toertchen

3. Café Moulu

Arguably, one of the best, if not the best, cafes in Stuttgart is Café Moulu. Locals here love it for their variety, strength of their drinks, and the perfect presentation of their specialty drinks here.

Try one of their amazing cappuccinos, maybe the best in Stuttgart!

Cafe Moulu Stuttgart

4. Schwarzmahler

Definitely one of the more intriguing cafes in Stuttgart has to be Schwarzmahler. It is only open four days a week and what’s even more interesting is that it is open only from 10am-2pm, although it does also open from 5pm-9pm on Thursday and Friday.

Schwarzmahler focuses on community and coffee and you’ll definitely meet quite a few loyal locals here for their evening fix of some fantastic espresso beverages.

5. Misch Misch Coffee

Misch Misch Coffee is a warm and welcoming cafe in Stuttgart that is a very relaxing place to have a coffee in. Everyone is so delightfully friendly here and they love serving coffees that change on a frequent basis to keep things fresh and new.

Ask their friendly baristas or the owner, Mischi, what kind of fresh brews they have currently and take it from there.

Misch Misch Coffee

6. Cafebar Auszeit

Another great place for a pastry and coffee in Stuttgart is Cafebar Auszeit. Here, they actually have quite the extensive food and drink menu, ranging from different types of cuisines although if you like variety of your food and coffee, come here.

Can’t go wrong with a coffee and a slice of their homemade cheesecake!

Cafebar Auszeit Stuttgart

7. Herbertz Espressobar

For some of, if not the best, espresso beverage in Stuttgart, look no further than Herbertz Espressobar. You know you’re about to get a super legit espresso when they have this huge old-school machine pumping out the coffee here.

Come here for your favourite espresso beverage but we suggest the cappuccino.

Herbertz Espressobar

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