The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Tokyo

You might be in for a surprise to find out that Tokyo is one of the world’s most blossoming coffee cities. There’s hundreds of boutique coffee shops in Tokyo and more are opening by the day, so you won’t be stuck for a caffeine fix here.

It was hard to choose just seven coffee shops but these are the ones we’re going with. From independent roasters to cosy little stands, they all have one thing in common: amazing coffee.

Best Coffee Shops in TokyoHow do these rankings work?

1. Glitch Coffee & Roasters

Glitch Coffee & Roasters is a quaint little spot that has a big fanbase among coffee lovers in Tokyo. It’s not hard to see why as they source their beans from all around the world.

Come here if you’re looking for a lighter coffee roast (towards the lighter-medium side). Try their Guatemalan roast for a nice and light way to start your day.

Tokyo coffee

2. Amameria Espresso

If you usually enjoy a stronger pick-me-up in the morning, try Amameria Espresso. Here, they roast their own beans and the strength of the smell of their beans permeates throughout the store.

Come here for a swift way to awaken your senses in the morning and get their espresso. If you like it enough, buy yourself a bag of their beans roasted in-house to have at home.

Amameria Espresso cafe

3. Unlimited Coffee Bar

Despite the name, Unlimited Coffee unfortunately doesn’t serve unlimited coffee. One can only dream, right? Their coffee is pretty damn excellent however and they also have a good selection of snacks to go with your coffee.

Don’t plan to spend too much time in this place as seating is rather limited. Grab your coffee to go and set out exploring the city.

Unlimited Coffee Bar in Tokyo

4. The Roastery by Nozy Coffee Cafe

Have you ever had espresso served in a champagne glass before? Yeah, didn’t think so. Well, you can try that elegant glass of espresso here in one of Tokyo’s hippest coffee joints.

For something lighter, try their americano or lattes. Grab your coffee and enjoy it on the go, as this coffee shop is located on the infamous Cat Street in Harajuku.

5. The Local Coffee Stand

The Local Coffee Stand is an incredibly small and unassuming coffee shop but don’t let its tiny size fool you. This place is more than mighty. Their coffees are roasted in-shop and are made from high-quality beans.

If you’re not feeling like a coffee here, they also make fantastic chai and matcha lattes too.

The Local Coffee Stand in Tokyo

6. Little Nap Coffee Stand

No naps will be needed after a coffee at the Little Nap Coffee Stand! This tiny coffee shop only has five chairs but an abundance of customers come here in search for their caffeine fix. It’s such a popular shop that there’s usually a decent line-up of people waiting, but don’t worry, it moves fast.

Get any one of their locally-brewed coffee and head outside and sit at a small park where you can enjoy your coffee.

Little Nap Coffee Stand

7. Café Kitsuné Aoyama

Immerse yourself in one of the more aesthetic coffee shops in Tokyo at Café Kitsuné Aoyama. Its traditional Japanese house-like interior combined with modern elements, makes this shop one of the more memorable places to enjoy a cup of coffee.

Get their espresso here and pair it with any one of their delicious pastries. You’ll be back again and again.

Café Kitsuné Aoyama

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