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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Tucson

With so many students at nearby University of Arizona, you can bet that there are some early mornings and late nights here. It should be no surprise that there are tons of great cafes that all serve the freshest and strongest cups of coffee in Tucson to those who need it.

Here are the seven best cafes in Tucson.

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1. Cartel Coffee Lab

Cartel Coffee Lab just may be the most well-known local coffee chain in Arizona thanks to their supplying of their own coffee beans to different industries in this state. The shop however, is just as popular with its two locations in Tucson and seven overall in Arizona.

They are particularly known for their cold brews so grab one here at Cartel.

Cartel Coffee Lab

2. Presta Coffee Roasters

Another Tucson chain, Presta Coffee Roasters is a popular cafe among locals for their high quality coffees. They are also known for their coffee subscription service which features something new for their members.

Presta is one of the top roasteries in Arizona and you should come here for a great coffee.

Presta Coffee Roasters

3. Presta Coffee Roasters

One of the most favourite roasters in town, it even has two locations; Mercado and First. They also sell an extensive variety of high-quality roasts.

The shops have an airy feel and are complete with hanging plants and open glass windows. It was named Arizona’s top roastery in 2018, all the more reason to stop in and sip on one of their beloved iced lattes.


4. Yellow Brick Coffee

Yellow Brick Coffee is another local chain that has been around the scene in Tucson for some time now. This shop is known for their involvement in the community and their efforts to inform and educate locals about coffee through their classes and workshops.

Come sip a hot cup of fresh coffee at this community hotspot cafe.

Yellow Brick Cafe

5. Raging Sage Coffee Roasters

Raging Safe Coffee Roasters just might be Tucson’s oldest specialty cafe having been on the scene for over two decades and going strong. The beans here are hand-roasted on site and guests can choose to purchase a bag of their beans too.

If you’re keen on having a coffee here, try one of their lattes!

Raging Sage Cafe

6. Black Crown Coffee Co.

Black Crown Coffee Co. is a specialty cafe that specialises in more flavourful coffees. With lots of space and seating in this hip cafe, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your coffee.

They are also known for having some delicious pastries as well that you can easily pair with a flat white or shot of espresso.

Black Crown Coffee Company

7. Tucson Coffee Roasters

Tucson Coffee Roasters is a friendly and welcoming cafe that also sells their beans to different industries in Arizona. They love to experiment with their flavours here and they even make their own syrup flavours in-house that they then serve in their espresso beverages.

Ask their knowledgeable baristas for a recommendation here at Tucson Coffee Roasters and they’ll be glad to help you.

Tucson Coffee Roasters

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