Best Coffee Shops in Valencia for Brunch

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Valencia

While the city is known around the world for its stunning futuristic structures and stretches of Mediterannean coastlines, you’re going to want to check out the best coffee shops in Valencia to make sure you really get a taste of coastal Spain.

Not only is the city pretty well-known for having some of the best speciality coffee shops in Spain, but it’s also home to some of the cutest cafes in Europe.

Thirsty for an iced latte and some of the best flat whites in Spain? Check out one of these seven best coffee shops in Valencia.

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1. La Manera

One of the best coffee shops in Valencia also doubles as a great place for food and cocktails. La Manera perfectly embodies the theme “rustic chic,” which makes it a great place to spend the afternoon sipping on some of the best coffee in Valencia.

Along with serving brunch and tons of vegetarian options, La Manera will make your coffee using the Chemex and V60 brewing methods.

Where to Find the Best Coffee Shops in Valencia

2. Retrogusto Coffeemates

This trendy little coffee stand provides coffee lovers with a variety of coffee beans from both national and international roasters. You’ll find the bustling little cafe in the heart of Valencia’s Central Market, which adds to the overall ambience. 

The cafe’s two owners, the powerful female duo Martina and Paula, learned from the finest coffee influencers in Europe, and they’re really dedicated to providing great coffee to their guests.

Locally Owned Independent Coffee Shops in Valencia

3. Bluebell Coffee

Vintage vibes and Spanish gardens surround the cafe at Bluebell Coffee. You’ll find this super trendy cafe in the up-and-coming Ruzafa neighbourhood, and it truly blends right in.

What’s so special about this place, besides the laid-back vibes, is the fact that the owners have established a close relationship with many different producers. They’re always looking for the highest quality coffee beans. 

Best Coffee Shops in Valencia for Digtal Nomads

4. Mayan Coffees

If you ask any local about the best coffee shops in Valencia, they’ll likely point you in the direction of Mayan Coffees. They source the beans from Guatemala, and the interior design beautifully incorporates Mayan culture.

The baristas here are extremely knowledgeable, which ensures that you can get the best cup of coffee in Valencia every time you visit. Just ask them for advice and they’ll gladly help you out.

5. Dulce de Leche

This ultra-trendy cafe is also an Argentinian bakery where they serve traditional dulce de leche. If you’re in Valencia, this is a must-see, or must-eat, rather.

The cafe itself looks as if it was designed straight out of a Pinterest interior home design dream board. And, the coffee is second to none.

Best Coffee Shops in Valencia for Brunch

6. Ikore Kofi Coffee Artisan Roasters

You can bet that any time a cafe roasts their own beans that you’re going to get a delicious cup of coffee. 

Ikore Kofi Coffee Artisan Roasters offer just that. Their 100% single-origin coffee is some of the best in Valencia, or maybe even all of Spain. Their website is also extremely helpful if you’re interested in learning more about how to brew your own coffee at home.

Coffee Shops in Valencia That Roast Their Own Beans

7. Los Picos

While you won’t find any Twin Peaks-themed decor here, the cafe itself is named after the famous TV series. Los Picos likes to change things up by brewing different beans each day of the week.

The owners of the cafe are passionate about revolutionising the way Spaniards view speciality coffee. We think this makes it easily one of the best coffee shops in Valencia for sheer passion and persistence.

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