The 7 Best Coffee In Vienna

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Vienna

Need coffee? We hear ya. Think of ‘coffee in Vienna‘ and you picture charming coffee houses that have been meeting places for historical writers, artists, musicians and philosophers.

While you’ll still find these in the city, there’s also an explosive wave of new coffee shops shaking things up.

We’ve got the city’s best speciality coffee shops (and one beautiful traditional coffee house that we just couldn’t leave out) that every caffeine fan needs to hit up in Vienna.

Best coffee in ViennaHow do these rankings work?

1. Jonas Reindl 

A wonderfully designed coffee shop where you can feel how much love and expertise has gone into every single cup. They aim to create unique coffee experiences by providing distinct flavours and aromas, as well as a placing a big focus on transparency on the journey of their beans.

Jonas Reindl Cafe In Vienna

2. Fenster Cafe 

Fenster Cafe is quite possibly the cutest little coffee hatch in the world, which you’ll find in a small alley way. Despite the miniature set up, the owner also sells beans and is a wealth of knowledge and talent. Good things come in small sizes.

Fenster Cafe  In Vienna

3. Kaffeemodul

Be sure to check out Vienna’s smallest coffeeshop for simple-yet-perfect flat whites or espresso. They get their beans from direct trade sources and collab with Hamburg‘s Quijote Kaffee for roasting.

Kaffemodul may be tiny but it’s pretty damn mighty.

Kaffeemodul Coffee Shop In Vienna

4. kaffemik

This great coffee project was set up by a couple of IT experts in the trendy 7th district, and now serves some of the tastiest brews in the city. In keeping with the on-point area, the baristas here are always right on top of the latest coffee trends, especially high-quality filter coffee.

kaffemik Cafe
Image: Konstantin Reyer Photography

5. Vollpension

Quite a unique and novel cafe in Vienna, where all the cakes are baked using family recipes by the grannies and grandpas in the kitchen. This quirky modern-day café aims to bring people from all generations together and make them feel at home.

Breakfast and light bites are also available, alongside some delicious coffee!

6. POC People on Caffeine

A La Marzocco is in pride of place – always a good sign of amazing coffee ahead. Staff here are super passionate about the coffee offerings, and will happily point you towards the right brew.

If it’s hot out, don’t even think twice about ordering their refreshing iced frappuccino. Starbucks, watch out.

coffee Vienna

7. Fürth Kaffee x Cafe Comet

This roastery-cafe has an impressive range of coffee beans, sourced ethically from all over the world. The rich coffee aroma hits you as soon as you enter, with a wood-burning stove a real highlight.

The perfect place to spend an afternoon.

Fürth Kaffee x Cafe Comet
Image: Manuela Larissegger
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