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The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Virginia Beach

There are many great things about Virginia Beach but one of the best things here just might be their coffee. There are a surprisingly large number of great cafes that serve some fantastic coffee in Virginia Beach.

You’ll have to check out these cafes in Virginia Beach.

The Best Coffee Shops in Virginia BeachHow do these rankings work?

1. Three Ships Coffee Roasters

One of the premier cafes in Virginia Beach is Three Ships Coffee Roasters. Just a stone’s throw away from the sandy beach, this cafe is the perfect place to come for a fresh cup of coffee before hitting that beach.

On a hot summer’s day, one of their infamous cold brews just might be the best drink before spending the day in the sand.

Three Ships Coffee Roasters

2. Bad Ass Coffee

Besides having the best name for a cafe, the drinks at Bad Ass Coffee are pretty damn good. They bring the best flavours of Hawaii to this beach town by serving up some of the best Hawaiian coffee blends.

Try some fresh and tasty Hawaiian coffee roasts that will make you feel like a badass for the rest of your day!

Bad Ass Coffee

3. Lynnhaven Coffee Company

Lynnhaven Coffee Company is a little more of an upscale cafe in Virginia Beach but don’t let that fool you. The wide selection of coffees here go amazingly well their snacks as well.

You might pay slightly higher prices here but the coffees here are worth it.

Lynnhaven Coffee Company

4. Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar

An amazing spot for brunch, Java Surf Cafe & Espresso Bar serves up some tasty food and coffee. With a clear and obvious surfing theme to this place, you can bet that the vibes here are very relaxing and laid back.

This space is definitely bright and colourful and is perhaps the most relaxing place to have a cup of coffee in Virginia Beach.

coffee in virginia beach

5. Culture Coffee and Tea Bar

Culture Coffee and Tea Bar is locally owned and prides itself on being culturally conscious. They offer everything from drip and iced drip coffees to all of the espresso favorites.

If you’re looking for something to eat along with your delicious coffee, they have a variety of sandwiches available as well!


6. Cafe Moka

Cafe Moka is one of the more well-known specialty coffee shops in Virginia Beach. They have some funky coffee creations here like the Toasted S’More Latte with a great and relaxing store vibe to match.

If a cup of regular coffee is good for you, let me know how you want it brewed as they can make it five different ways!

coffee in virginia beach

7. Roast Rider Coffee & Tea

For the elevated coffee drinking experience, come to Roast Rider Coffee & Tea. The knowledgeable baristas here are quick to inform you about everything that goes into making their coffees.

Get an ice coffee here and get a free refill here before heading on out.

coffee in virginia beach

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