7 Best Coffee Shops In Washington DC

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Washington DC

Coffee in Washington DC, especially specialty coffee, has been on the rise for the last decade. With new boutique shops opening up often in Washington DC, it’s not hard to find an excellent cup of coffee to start your day.

These are the best coffee shops in Washington DC.

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1. Compass Coffee

Compass Coffee sports a comfortable and big shop that is great spot for a co-working space. With lots of people actually co-working at this shop, it always helps to have a strong cup of coffee brewing here to keep them going. Thankfully, that’s what you can expect here at Compass.

Try one of their 10 different coffee blends sourced from beans that come from around the world.

Compass Coffee in Washington DC

2. Big Bear Cafe

Big Bear Cafe is another coffee shop that coworkers have adopted as a safe haven for a work space and some terrific coffee. Using beans that are grown in nearby Maryland, Big Bear has a local feel to their coffees which the community appreciates.

If you have some work to do, you can set up shop here and enjoy a solid cup of coffee.

Big Bear Cafe

3. Qualia Coffee

When you step inside of Qualia Coffee, it just might feel like you’re stepping into your parents’ living room than a coffee shop. This homey and welcoming coffee shop will make you feel like you’re at home. With beans that are roasted on-site, the fresh and pleasant scent of coffee in the air just might keep you there a bit longer than you expected.

Come here for a cup of coffee but don’t expect to use the free wifi on the weekends, as they have a strict no wifi policy on Saturday’s and Sunday’s.

Qualia Coffee in Washington DC

4. Wydown Coffee Bar

Wydown Coffee Bar wants people to enjoy their coffee with others in active and meaningful conversation and not on their phones. They don’t offer free wifi here in this bright and airy cafe. Rather, they do offer a terrific latte and hopefully a lovely conversation with a companion.

They are known for their lattes here and you can pair that with one of their sugary scones.

coffee in washington DC

5. Sospeso

This shop is a cute cafe by day and an amazing Mediterranean restaurant by night. Named for the Neapolitan practice that translates to “suspended coffees” (meaning to pay it forward by buying another customers’ cup).

Try the shakerato, a shaken blend of espresso, simple syrup, and ice. The place also offers a solid brunch menu, their full Turkish breakfast is a firm favourite.


6. Emissary

Emissary is a coffee shop that has cozy couches and just a really interesting design with the random brick columns throughout the shop. The coffee is not random however and is made from nearby Counter Culture beans which produces a mean pourover and strong espresso.

Emissary has the most character of any coffee shop in Washington and their coffees are always on point here.

Emissary coffee shop

7. Dolcezza

Dolcezza is actually a gelato shop but their coffees just might be better than the cold treats they serve. The beans here come all the way from Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon and Washington locals absolutely love the taste of those beans.

Swing by here for a cup of coffee in the morning and grab a gelato after!

Dolcezza coffee

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