Best Coffee Shops In Wellington

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Wellington

Every Wellingtonian knows the capital has some of the best coffee in the world, and now it’s time that the rest of the world knows it too. While Wellington has incredible food, it’s the coffee that really knocks it out of the park.

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1. The Flight Coffee Hangar

The flagship café of Flight Coffee, this showcases what Flight Coffee are all about. The friendly crew at “The Hangar” do an incredible job of showcasing their self-roasted coffee, while creating a relaxed environment to enjoy your favourite cup.

The Flight Coffee Hangar in Wellington

2. Caffe L’affare

Founded in 1990, this spot is a Wellington institution. This iconic coffee roastery and café has the look and feel of an industrial coffee packaging plant and equipment showroom, but with the bustling café atmosphere.

Caffe L'affare

3. Havana Coffee Works

This cosy, retro cafe on Tory Street continues with the city’s obsession with all things Cuba. Sit down and grab a cup of freshly roasted coffee as you have a view of the garage-style roastery where the magic happens. Their unique fluid-bed hot-air roaster actually boosts the caffeine content!

Havana Coffee Works in Wellington

4. Lamason Brew Bar

Lamason is a lovely coffee house that specialises in top shelf espresso and siphon brewed coffee. The sleek Siphon & Espresso Brew Bar uses a 3 group La Sanmarco 80’s Chrome for espresso, HARIO gold and wood siphons, and HARIO V60. So yeah – they’re the real deal.
Best coffee Wellington

5. People’s Coffee

Peoples Coffee’s café on Lukes Lane carries on the tradition of the original Constable Street store of serving 100% organic and fair trade coffee roasted at their Newtown Roastery. Simple and consistently delicious.

People's Coffee in Wellington

6. Prefab

Fancy some superb bottomless Acme single origin filter coffee? You’ve come to the right place. This all in one eatery, coffee roastery, community hub and events facility is a laid-back place to come for a cuppa and soak up the city’s vibes.

Prefab Cafe

7. Mojo Coffee

Founded as a boutique roastery café in 2003, Mojo Coffee is now one of New Zealand’s most experienced coffee roasters. There’s a huge 21 places across Wellington to get your Mojo fix but don’t worry – the growth hasn’t affected the amazing quality.

Mojo Coffee

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