Best coffee shops Zagreb

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Zagreb

Croatia’s capital is home to an avid coffee culture deeply rooted in its culture. While there are local café bars seemingly every few steps, visit some of the best coffee shops in Zagreb for a tried and true experience.

Hey, all that wandering around the city is going to need some caffeine fuel, after all. Here’s our top picks of where to get your java fix in Zagreb.

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1. Korica

South of the city center, Korica is a delicious and inventive bakery with coffee to match. They pull smooth espresso drinks all morning long. The small space fills up quickly on weekends, so go early. Try a cruffin–a muffin made with croissant dough and filled with different custard flavours–for a sweet treat.

2. Eli’s Caffe

Eli’s Caffe is known as one of the best coffee shops in Zagreb and has a number of awards to prove it. The industrial-chic and minimalist shop has been named the home of the best baristas, so you know you’ll find a good espresso here.

3. Botanicar

Located just around the corner on a quiet street from the Botanical Gardens, Botanicar makes some of the best espresso drinks in Zagreb. The shop also makes great iced coffee drinks and cocktails as the day goes on. Take a seat on the patio and enjoy the sunshine and greenery that surrounds the popular stop.

4. Kavana Lav

Kavana Lav is another one of the best coffee shops in Zagreb thanks to its location near the Stone Gate. Away from the crowds yet at the centre of Old Town, this coffee shop is perfect for relaxing or talking over a macchiato in the afternoon.

Best coffee shops Zagreb

5. Caffe Bar Finjak

Caffe Bar Finjak is located on the east side of Old Town, but is worth the walk. The Victorian-inspired coffee shop is bathed in pastels and opulent decor. Order a slice of homemade cake with your coffee for a sweet and bitter afternoon pick me up.

Best coffee shops Zagreb

6. In The Yard

Set one block up from the Botanical Gardens in the centre of the Green Horseshoe, In The Yard brews up strong and smooth espresso drinks. Sit in the courtyard to enjoy warmer days and tons of natural light.

7. Kavanica

Kavanica is right in the center of Old Town off of Cvjetni Square. Whether you choose to sit on the terrace for great people watching or inside for an Old World feel, expect attentive service.

Best coffee shops Zagreb

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