The 7 Best Coffee In Indianapolis

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Indianapolis

We understand the need for a good coffee – but you don’t want just anything, you want the best coffee. Well, we’ve got the suss on the best coffee in Indianapolis right here.

An underrated city for amazing farm produce and locally roasted brews, this is one place that you’re sure to find a decent pick-me-up. From forward-thinking coffee houses to cute and cosy cafes where you can spend an entire afternoon, these are the best cafes in the Circle City.

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1. Mile Square Coffee 

Located in the iconic Indianapolis City Market, in Downtown Indianapolis, Mile Square Coffee is so good that you’ll happily walk three blocks out of your way every morning just for their brews.

They serve light to medium craft coffees that are locally roasted in Indiana and the greater Midwest. Adventurous types will love the house-made specialties, such as their nitro cold brew or smoked bergamot chai latte.

Best coffee Indianapolis

2. Milktooth 

This hip former auto repair shop is a must-try for any coffee fan. Their barista station is state-of-the-art, with a huge choice of brews such as drip, Chemex, V60, Toddy cold brew, Kyoto cold brew, and espresso.

Try the ‘Canella’ for a real treat: cold brew, cinnamon, condensed milk, coconut milk, vanilla, served over ice.

Milktooth cafe

3. Harvest Cafe Coffee & Tea

This cozy coffee and tea shop makes for an excellent meeting place or a good place to grab a morning pick-me-up.

They specialise in small-roast batches and they select green coffee from all over the world, to provide customers with international flavors.

4. Brickhouse Coffee Company

This coffeehouse focuses not only on brewing a great cup of coffee but bringing the community together.

This quaint and unique coffee shop has a lot of character and the baristas really know there stuff. Stop in whenever you’re in the mood for a cup of coffee brewed to your liking.


5. Foundry Provisions

You’ll find this hip coffee store/eatery in the little red building on a street corner in the historic Herron-Morton Place neighbourhood. They serve local custom-roasted coffees from Tinker Coffee blends, and brew ’em up in a variety of ways, including a creamy ice cream affogato.

Foundry Provisions cafe

6. Bee Coffee Roasters

One of the first specialty coffee roasters in Indy, Bee Coffee Roasters is constantly pushing themselves to learn more and develop their roasts. Their knowledgeable staff can explain how they roast their own beans and are always on hand to give recommendations. The store itself is super cosy – ideal for a leisurely cup or two.

Bee Coffee Roasters in Indianapolis

7. Monon Coffee Company 

When a coffee drink is called “zombie,” you know it’s pretty special. White espresso beans are used at this Broad Ripple hot spot so you can sip three times as much caffeine as regular espresso. Now that’s what we need in the morning.

Monon Coffee Company

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