7 Best Coffee In Johannesburg

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Johannesburg

Brimming with great coffee shops, Johannesburg coffee is some of the best you’ll find in South Africa. As the Third Wave coffee movement powers across the country, it’s getting way easier to find artisan cafes for a decent brew.

A great local coffee shop is never far away here, so caffeine-nuts can rest at ease. From industrial-style coffee stores to cosy cafes that you’ll happily sit in all afternoon, there’s plenty of choice in Joburg.

We’ve got the very best places for coffee right here, so you can head straight towards that much needed pick-me-up as soon as you arrive.

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1. The Grind Coffee Company

The Grind has been serving up some superb coffee for over a decade now, so you can rest assured that they know what they’re doing. They also do an insanely Instagrammable waffle cone filled with their creamy brew.

coffee Johannesburg
Image: @za5

2. Father Coffee

They aim to serve the best coffee in Jozi from their two espresso bars in Rosebank and Braamfontein, and oh-boy are they absolutely killing it. Their signature blend changes slightly depending on the season, but is always rich and warm.

Father Coffee The Whippet

3. Motherland Coffee Company

All of Motherland Coffee Co.’s coffees are specialty grade African single origin or blended coffees. Their speciality is an incredible Fairtrade certified blend of Rwandan and Ethiopian beans that goes down a treat. Coffee you can feel good about.

Motherland Coffee Company In Johannesburg

4. Craft Coffee

With a combined 50 years experience in the coffee industry, from farming and processing all the way through to setting up and running of award winning coffee shops, you’re in safe hands here. Their beans are ethically and traceably sourced and roasted fresh daily.

Craft Coffee In Johannesburg

5. Bean There

Bean There is a superb coffee shop with a conscious who personally source fair trade, organic African coffee. Their single origin, exclusive coffee tastes just as good as it sounds, with expert baristas brewing up your coffee of choice.

They also host Morning Cupping sessions every Saturday, so check it out to learn all about what you’re drinking.

Bean There Cafe In Johannesburg

6. State 5

Our favourite thing about State 5? Their extensive menu of cold brews that save us from the SA heat. From frozen espresso and cold brew lattes to their sinfully good pancake latte (with waffle syrup and cinnamon), this place is a must-visit.

State 5 cafe

7. The Whippet

The Whippet’s passion for coffee shines through in everything they do: they source only the best beans, roasted by the best roasters and then blended and made by skilled baristas. With two locations, this is an essential Johannesburg coffee stop.

The Whippet cafe

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