The 7 Best Coffee In Slovakia

The 7 Best Coffee Shops In Slovakia

Coffee in Slovakia is BIG. During the communist period, the only available coffee was a strong, dark Turkish-style brew, but it’s now pure heaven for caffeine lovers.

This new hub for speciality coffee is great news for both locals and visitors to the city, with new independent roasters popping up regularly. Whether you’re a devout espresso drinker or feel like a cold brew, you’ll find it here.

Get exploring – and get caffeinated – at these seven best coffee shops…

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1. Urban House

Urban House is a space that is bursting full of creativity. You could be here to read a book, dance, drink a cocktail or eat their amazing food, but really it’s the coffee that underpins the whole place. Top quality brews served in an amazing room.

Urban House Cafe In Slovakia

2. Škodovka 

This retro coffee store combines quality coffee and coffee specialties with a unique interior for a funky vibe. The style of the cafe is inspired by the ’70s and ’80s in Czechoslovakia, where the ŠKODA 100 car was a flagship during this period.

Škodovka Cafe In Slovakia

3. Kontakt

Kontackt is a cosy space with incredible speciality coffee served in all sorts of ways. Sip on a creamy cappuccino or a strong ristretto, made with beans from independent roasters. It’s the ideal place to come and chill with a book for the afternoon.

Kontakt coffee

4. FIVE Points Coffee

This “hidden coffee shop” is where high-quality coffee, interesting food, wine and a few classic cocktails come together. They use Slovakian 9 Grams Coffee for all their brews,  which is a 100% Arabica blend. There’s also a great iced coffee menu and the city’s first ‘selfiecino’.

FIVE Points Coffee

5. Konditorei Kormuth

This is a must-visit in Bratislava for the beautiful interior alone. Cakes are baked using original old recipes from the Austro-Hungarian Empire and served on rare, historical porcelain plates with pretty gold forks.

As for the coffee? Order the luxury Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee for a real treat.

Konditorei Kormuth cafe
Image: dreamers_menu/Instagram

6. Axioma

Axioma makes up for its unappealing setting by offering super decent exotic coffees, IPA beers, great lemonades, apple cider, hookahs and friendly vibes. The terrace is a beautiful place to sit in the warmer months and you can even get a book from the cafe’s in-house library.

Axioma coffee In Slovakia

7. doubles up as both a speciality coffee store and a casual co-working space, so feel free to bring your laptop. You can enjoy a selection of Vietnamese coffee roasted in Slovakia under the Goriffee brand, which is seriously tasty.

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