The 7 Best Hotels In Florence

The 7 Best Hotels In Florence

The Tuscany region is filled with immense beauty and nowhere more is that evident than in the Tuscan capital, Florence. There are some amazing hotels in Florence that capture this beauty and the historical richness of this city.

These are seven of the best hotels in Florence to stay in.

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1. Portrait Firenze

A stone’s throw away from the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge, Portrait Firenze is a hotel that overlooks the bridge and Arno River. At this modern and stylish hotel that includes Florentine influence in its design, guests stay in luxurious suites that are among the best in Florence.

A night at this hotel in such a prime location will cost you about $700 USD per night.

Portrait Firenze Hotel in Florence

2. The St. Regis Florence

The St. Regis Florence is a luxury brand hotel in a wonderful location, overlooking the Arno River. St. Regis does things grand and that is no different here with their detailed chandeliers, Italian-inspired frescoes and elegantly-designed rooms.

Expect to pay about $500 USD per night at The St. Regis Florence.

St Regis Hotel in Florence

3. Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

The Four Seasons Hotel Firenze is perhaps one of the best Four Seasons hotels in the world due to its prime and historic location. This sprawling hotel is slightly tucked away from all the tourist activity in Florence and this getaway provides guests a true luxury getaway.

$800 USD per night is what you should expect to pay to stay at this relaxing and luxurious resort.

Four Seasons Hotel Firenze

4. J.K. Place Firenze

J.K. Place Firenze is a modern and chic hotel in Florence that is near the main tourist area in Florence. The rooms here are aesthetically-pleasing with its contemporary design Head up to the rooftop terrace for beautiful sunset views.

To stay at the J.K. Place Firenze, you should expect to pay about $600 USD per night.

J.K. Place Firenze Hotel

5. Hotel Brunelleschi

If you’re looking for a hotel with plenty of charm and character, stay at the Hotel Brunelleschi. This hotel is designed with a medieval feel as shown with its watchtower that is part of the hotel.

To stay at this one-of-a-kind hotel in Florence, expect to pay a reasonable $250 USD per night.

Hotel Brunelleschi in Florence

6. Hotel Savoy

Located in the heart of all the action, Hotel Savoy is one of Florence’s oldest but classiest hotels. Following a recent six month closure for renovation in 2018, Hotel Savoy has re-opened with a bang. The hotel now features upgraded luxury amenities, ultra-posh bedding, interactive TVs, and breathtaking views of the Duomo and Piazza.

$600 USD per night is what it will cost you to stay at this posh hotel in a prime location.

Hotel Savoy in Florence

7. Belmond Villa San Michele

For guests seeking an escape from the large tourist crowds in Florence, stay at the Belmond Villa San Michele. The grounds of the hotel is expansive and the rooms are luxurious yet still have a lasting monastery-influence to them.

To stay at this exclusive and relaxing property, you will have to pay about $1000 USD per night.

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