The 7 Best Pizzas In Athens

The 7 Best Pizzas In Athens

Greeks share many cultural similarities with their neighbours to the west, Italy. One of those is the droolworthy skill to make delicious pizza – some of the best pizzas in Athens and all of Europe, in fact.

Eating pizzas in Athens can be just as tasty as a carb-fest in Naples. and there are some great slices you can get here.

These are the seven best places to grab a pizza in Athens.

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1. La Bella Napoli

La Bella Napoli has proper wood-fired pizza served up by some of the most passionate and friendly staff in the business. All of their pizzas and their other dishes have a heavy Italian-influence.

Order whatever their daily pizza special is, or you can make your own from scratch.

La Bella Napoli Pizzas In Athens

2. Crust

Crust has the best New York-style pizzas in Athens. They make the pizzas with the freshest ingredients and you don’t have to order entire pizzas to eat here. You can order by the slice and take it to go or eat it in the basement where you can enjoy live music.

Grab a slice of their Lucha Libre pizza. For those who like sweets, get a piece of their Sweet Tooth pizza, which is made with nutella and chocolate.

New York-style pizzas in Athens

3. Cupola

Cupola serves up some of the best Greek-Italian food in Athens. At this true and classic Italian trattoria. they cook the Neapolitan-style pizzas in a standard wood fire oven, crispy to perfection.

Neapolitan-pizza purists should definitely get their Margherita pizza. Fresh mozzarella and chewy crusts.

Cupola Pizza

4. Coupepe

Coupepe is a little bit out of the way in Athens but the pizzas are totally worth it. All the pizzas here are made with a bit of a twist: no tomato sauce on their pizzas. Despite this, the pizzas are loaded with toppings and the freshest ingredients are used.

Get the Smoked Turkey pizza and pair it with a glass of wine.

Coupepe Pizza

5. Mystic Pizza & Pasta

Mystic Pizza is an alternative option for eaters who enjoy delicious pizzas made with healthy ingredients. They also offer gluten-free pizzas for people who have dietary restrictions.

Get their Mystic Formagge pizza which is made with six (!) different cheeses. Chow down on Gouda Cheese, Edam, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Feta Cheese and Blue Cheese.

Mystic Pizza & Pasta in Athens

6. Nolita

Nolita is a hip and modern trattoria in Athens that serves up some pretty amazing pizzas. The pizzas at Nolita are thin-crust and made with an Italian flare.

The Zucca pizza is a favourite here and the star ingredient is the smoked pancetta. Get this and pair it with a cocktail at this chic locale.

pizzas in athens

7. Impasto Pizza by the Slice

Impasto Pizza by the Slice is the best place in Athens for those looking to to eat on the go. You might be surprised to find a modern and sleep decor inside that is very welcoming.

Impasto features a rotating selection of pizzas daily. You can’t go wrong with any of them, especially if you’re taking a slice to eat on the go.

Impasto Pizza In Athens

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