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The 7 Best Pizzas In Beijing

What may surprise some people is that Beijing has a booming pizza industry. Lots of different pizza parlours here make some of the best slices of pizza in Beijing and in China as a whole.

Sure, the city has incredible street food – dumplings and noodle galore – but the pies here are worth a bite.

Here are the seven best places for pizza in Beijing.

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1. Gung Ho!

Gung Ho! is definitely one of the more noticeable pizza places in Beijing with its eye-catching hot pink colour. Their pizzas appeal to everyone; people who love their simple pizzas (Pepperoni pizzas) to those with more adventurous tastes.

If you’re an adventurous one, give their Chili Prawn Pizza a go!

Gung Ho! Pizza

2. Bottega

Bottega is a legit pizza joint in Beijing that is run by two brothers from the home of pizza, Naples. They make their pizzas using wood-fired ovens and the quality of their pies are supreme. All of their ingredients come from back home in Italy, so you know you’re getting top quality here.

For an authentic Neapolitan-style pizza, try their Margherita pizza here as it’s probably one of the best in the city.

Bottega Pizza Beijing

3. La Pizza

While La Pizza has only been around for a decade, they have made a legion of fans in Beijing for their authentic Italian toppings and pies that are cooked in a wood-fire oven. La Pizza was the original restaurant started by the brothers who now run Bottega.

Try their Baci Pizza, which is the perfect blend of meat and veggies on a pizza.

La Pizza Beijing

4. The Local

The Local was also listed as one of our top places to grab a burger, but here, they also do pizzas very well. The pizza shop is known for just being a very inviting and welcoming place where friends and family can come for some classic American fare.

Try their intensely-flavoured, Buffalo Chicken and Blue Cheese Pizza while you’re here.

The Local Pizza Beijing

5. Great Leap Brewing

Great Leap Brewing is the jack of all trades place here in Beijing. They make out-of-this-world beers and great burgers and pizzas. The pizzas here are New-York style, which you can order as a whole pie or by the slice.

Order The Little Nunzio pizza, spicy chili flakes sprinkled onto a pizza topped with sausage. Wash it down with a few brews too.

6. Saporita

Saporita, formerly known as Pizza+, specialise in selling their pizzas by the slice, for those who are looking for a quick bite. This joint is run by all Italians so you can bet that they know how to properly make a pizza or two. Their menu is quite extensive with a list of creative pizzas ready for you to try.

A favourite order here is their Forest Pizza, which has sausage, mushrooms, walnuts, and finished off with a black truffle paste. Interesting and delicious!


7. Q Mex Bar & Grill

Q Mex Bar & Grill is another joint that was also featured in our best burgers list. This Tex-Mex grill serves up some of the best food in Beijing, period. They have a reputation for their thin-crust pizzas and creative and spicy pies.

If spice is your thing, then try the Spicy Nacho Pizza, which is exactly as how you’d imagine it to be, or try their Chorizo Jambalya pizza.

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