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The 7 Best Pizzas In Cairo

You might be hard pressed to find a pizza shop in Cairo that isn’t a Papa John’s or a Pizza Hut. While hardly a city that is known for their pizza scene, you might be surprised to know that there are some great pizzas in Cairo.

Here are the seven best places for pizza in Cairo.

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1. Crust

You can probably guess what Crust is known for here in Cairo. The pizzas here are authentically Italian but the best part of their pizzas is obviously their crust as it is thin and crisp and made to perfection.

A favourite pizza here is the Oriental Sausage, which also includes mushrooms and onions.

Crust Pizza Cairo

2. Maison Thomas

Maison Thomas is one of the oldest yet most popular pizza parlous in Cairo. This go-to place in Cairo makes a wide variety of pizzas and they are quite generous with the toppings on their pizzas.

With over 25 different pizzas to choose from, it might be hard to pick just one. But, try their Monaco Pizza, which has a mixture of roast beef and ham on this pizza.

Maison Thomas Cairo

3. Il Divino

Il Divino is a small pizza parlour but big on flavours. They use the freshest ingredients, thick-flour for the dough, and bold Italian pizza flavours.

Try their Siciliana pizza which is a tasty pie featuring mozzarella and goat cheese and sundried tomatoes and olives.

Il Divino Pizza Cairo

4. Vinny’s Pizzeria

Vinny’s Pizzeria is Cairo’s only real and authentic New York-style pizza parlour. They are best known in Cairo (and Egypt!) for their pizza cakes which is basically layers and layers of pizza stacked on top of each other!

The Pizza Cake is definitely not recommended for one or even two persons for that matter, so bring a few mates with you and try to finish this heart-stopping monster pie!

Vinny's Pizzeria Cairo

5. Porta D’Oro

Porta D’Oro is actually one of Cairo’s best Italian restaurants who just happen to serve some of the best pizzas in the city. They are especially well-known for the over-the-top amount of cheese they put on their pizzas which only serve to enhance the taste of their pies.

For cheese-lovers, try their fantastic Margherita Pizza.

Porta D'Oro

6. Il Mulino

Il Mulino is another pizza joint in Cairo that serves a wide range of pizzas. The pizzas are also quite generous with the cheese and their crusts are a nice balance of thin and crispy.

Come to Il Mulino and try their Rucola Grison Pizza. It’s a pizza that has grison meat (air-dried beef), mozzarella and fresh tomatoes!

Il Mulino Pizza Cairo

7. Pepenero

Pepenero is another Cairo favourite pizza parlour for their authenticity in serving real buffalo mozzarella cheese on their pizzas. This joint is also hopping for their fun and lively atmosphere which features nice decor and light music.

Their best pizza is definitely the Don Livio which features the aforementioned authentic buffalo mozzarella as well as spicy salami and peppers.


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