Authentic Italian Pizza in Cartagena

The 7 Best Pizzas In Cartagena

Even though seafood dominates the food culture in this city, the best pizzas in Cartagena will rival those you find in Italy.

And, the atmospheres of some of the restaurants perfectly mix Italian culture with Colombian Caribbean vibes.

Hungry travellers certainly have their fair share of pizza joints to choose from, but we’ve found the seven best pizzas in Cartagena according to novelty, price, and taste.

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1. Basilica Pizzeria

This top-rated pizzeria is not only home to the best pizzas in Cartagena, but they offer visitors one of the cosiest atmospheres in the city.

Locals and travellers alike love the thin-crust pizzas they serve at Basilica, and they love enjoying them outside at the restaurant’s terrace. 

Expect to experience some impressive street art at this locale, which is located in the heart of colourful Getsemani.

Best Pizzas in Cartagena

2. Beer & Laundry

Beer & Laundry makes the list of the best pizzas in Cartagena for the taste and also for novelty value. Here, they cater to weary backpackers looking to fill their stomachs and do some laundry as they prepare to get back on the road.

The offer? They wash your clothes for you, feed you pizza, and serve you an ice-cold beer for a cheap price in just under two hours.

Pizza in Cartagena, Colombia

3. Pizzeria Aguanile

Guests love Pizzeria Aguanile for the quality of the pizzas, but they keep heading back due to the size of the drinks that come along with them. They’re huge.

The restaurant itself is quaint and romantic, which makes it the perfect place for a romantic dinner in Cartagena. If you call ahead beforehand, they’ll make sure to set the table for a romantic surprise.

The pizzas are just as delicious as the cocktails, so make sure you head there prepared to indulge in both.

Romantic Italian Restaurants in Cartagena

4. Pizza Carbon

If you’re looking for the best pizzas in Cartagena then you’re going to eventually come across Colombian-style pizza.

Colombians serve their pizza with corn and sometimes fruit, which adds an interesting flavour that you should try at least once while you’re there. 

If this sounds interesting to you, then Pizza Carbon is the place to go. It’s got some of the best Colombian-style pizzas in Cartagena at the best price.

5. La Diva Pizzeria

You’ll find Diva Pizzeria tucked away in the middle of the historic centre of Cartagena. However, once you walk through the doors, it feels as if you’ve stepped into a rustic old wine cellar somewhere in Tuscany.

Not only is the design of this restaurant incredibly quaint and impressive, but the pizzas are second to none. They have a wide selection of pizzas to choose from and they all taste as if they’ve come straight from Italy.

Authentic Italian Pizza in Cartagena

6. Verona Pizzeria

Verona offers travellers a bit more of an upscale experience than the other pizzerias on this list. 

This is a great place to go if you’re looking for a great place for a date night in Cartagena as they offer excellent pizzas and a lot of other great Italian dishes. 

However, guests seem to really love whatever Verona puts in their pizza crust.

7. Piola Cartagena

Piola is actually an Italian pizza chain that one restauranteur brought over to Cartagena. Turns out, the locals love the pizza just as much as Italians do.

Expect high-quality pizzas from the Veneto region of Italy. You’ll also find that Piola is a great place to kick back and have a few drinks as it feels more like a dive bar than a restaurant.

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