The 7 Best Pizza In Detroit

The 7 Best Pizzas In Detroit

Much like Chicago’s deep-dish and New York’s New York-style pizza, many people might not know that Detroit has Detroit-style pizza. This style features pizza in Detroit that is deep-dish pizza but is square-shaped, instead of the usual pie size.

The key to a classic Detroit pie is the deep pans in which the pizzas are baked, which gives it a crunchy crust and soft base, with carmelised cheese on top. There’s also plenty of other styles of pizza to feast on here.

Here are the seven best places for pizza in Detroit.

Th best pizzas in DetroitHow do these rankings work?

1. Supino Pizzeria

Supino Pizzeria is in the trendy Eastern Market area and offers gigantic slices of New York-style pizza that you’ll probably have to fold just to eat. The pizzas here are so good that there will often be a long line outside of its door.

Come here and give their Bismarck Pizza a go. It’s loaded with mozzarella cheese, egg, and prosciutto.

Supino Pizzeria in Detroit

2. Pie-Sci Pizza

Pie-Sci Pizza is all about the creativity with their pizzas. From unique creations to funny sounding pizza names, Pie-Sci pride themselves on creating pies that are fun and tasty for everyone.

For a great pizza and a giggle, get their So Fresco, So Clean (hello Outkast fans out there?) pie!

Pie-Sci Pizza in Detroit

3. PizzaPapalis

PizzaPapalis is a Chicago-style pizza joint that just might offer the best deep dish pizza in Detroit. Locals love their pizzas because of their fluffy and thick quality with a mountain of toppings. Beware, that it takes a wee bit longer to make their pies here – about 45 minutes.

You obviously came here for their deep dish pizza so get the Papalis Gourmet pizza, a delicious combination of chicken, spinach, olives, and feta cheese.

PizzaPapalis in Detroit

4. Buddy’s Pizza

Buddy’s Pizza arguably serves up the best Detroit-style pizzas in the city. The unique square-shape pizzas are a locals favourite because of the generous portions of cheese in their pizzas.

With 16 locations in the city, when you hop into Buddy’s for some Detroit-style pizza, get the appropriately-named, Detroiter Pizza.

Buddy's Pizza in Detroit

5. Loui’s Pizza

Loui’s Pizza is similar to Buddy’s Pizza in that they serve some excellent Detroit-style pizzas here. Don’t be fooled by the cocktail lounge feel of this place, they serve a serious slice of tasty pizza here with arguably the best deep-dish crust around.

At Loui’s, try the classic pie (and one of their specialties) the Pepperoni Pizza.

Loui's Pizza in Detroit

6. Green Lantern Pizza

Green Lantern Pizza is another Detroit pizzeria that makes some excellent Chicago-style deep dish pizza. This pizza parlour is generous with their toppings and make their pizzas extra cheesy to boot.

Their Pepperoni Pizza is one of their best so try that and also try a side of their cheesy-delight, Lantern Bread.

Green Lantern Pizza

7. Tomatoes Apizza

Tomatoes Apizza is a bit different in that they make Neapolitan/New Haven-style pizzas that are made in coal-fired (not wood!) ovens. Their pizzas burst with great flavours and their crusts are paper thin and crispy.

Live on the wild side here and Build Your Own Pizza here and choose from a selection of over 15 ingredients.

Tomatoes Apizza

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