The 7 Best Pizzas Dubrovnik

The 7 Best Pizzas In Dubrovnik

Heads up: carb-lovers need to try these delicious pizzas in Dubrovnik.

With its ideal location right next to the sea, there is a level of freshness to the quality of food that is served in Dubrovnik. The seafood is top notch and there’s some juicy burgers here too. Plus, while you may not know it, many restaurants serve fresh pizza that’s just as good as nearby Italy.

These are the seven best places you can grab a slice or an entire pizza in Dubrovnik.

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1. Pizzeria Mamma Mia

In Dubrovnik, Pizzeria Mamma Mia reigns supreme as the go-to place for pizza lovers. It’s a located a little bit outside of the main central area, but don’t let that stop you coming here for a pizza.

With their self-labelled tag for the ‘Best Pizza in Town’, you need to get the Mamma Mia or Dalmatia pizza here.

Pizzeria Mamma Mia in Dubrovnik

2. Pizzeria Tabasco

Pizzeria Tabasco is known for their quality pizzas at more affordable prices in tourist-trap heavy Dubrovnik. This pizza shop is located just outside the Old Town, but with its terrace and takeaway options, you can quickly swing by here.

Get the appropriately named Dubrovnik Pizza here at what many people call the best pizza place in Dubrovnik.

Pizzeria Tabasco in Dubrovnik

3. Mea Culpa Pizzeria

For a great pizza place near Stradun, Mea Culpa Pizzeria serves some great pizzas for the large tourist crowds. Their pizzas are comprised of the freshest ingredients and their menu also features lots of pizzas and pastas.

Order the Quatro Formaggi (4 Cheese) Pizza at Mea Culpa Pizzeria.

pizzas dubrovnik

4. Bon Appetit Bistro – Pizzeria

Bon Appetit Bistro – Pizzeria is a health-conscious restaurant in Dubrovnik that has a variety of meat and vegan options on their menu. Come here if you want a bite of food that isn’t incredibly filling but is tasty enough to get the job done.

Cheese-lovers should get the Trilogy of Cheese Pizza: it’s loaded with mozzarella, parmesan, and feta cheese. Yum.

Pizzeria in dubrovnik

5. La Luna

Coming for a pizza at La Luna Pizzeria will make you feel like you’re smack bang in Naples. The staff are friendly and helpful and are always quick to make a good food suggestion among their almost 20-pizza menu.

If you like lots of toppings on your pizza, get their Ragusa Pizza, which has a bit of everything on it.

La Luna Pizzeria

6. Oliva Pizzeria

Oliva Pizzeria is in the heart of Old Town, and they definitely serve up the best thin-crust pizza in Dubrovnik. They have plenty of seating inside as well as outdoors if you prefer to enjoy the Old Town atmosphere.

At Oliva Pizzeria, grab their most popular, Gourmand Pizza, which has bacon, mushrooms, and peppers on it.

Oliva Pizzeria

7. Pizzeria Mirakul

Pizzeria Mirakul also serves up thin-crust pizzas in Dubrovnik, however their recipes come all the way from Naples, Italy. The owner of this shop learned his craft of pizza-baking in Naples. He came back home to Dubrovnik to share what he had learned in Naples and thus, Pizzeria Mirakul was born.

They make fantastic Margarita Pizzas here so get that and pair it with a Dubrovnik beer.

Pizzeria Mirakul in Dubrovnik
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